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What Your Birth Month’s Flower Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Spring is finally here. In anticipation of the upcoming blooms, here’s a list of what your birth month’s official flower says about you! 

I’m not big into astrology or an expert on what zodiacs mean, but I still like to read my horoscopes occasionally. Recently, a conversation about favorite flowers got me thinking about whether or not the same concept applies to plants as to stars. 

A quick Google search of the calendar and cross-checking various websites showed me there are official flower assignments, and I took it upon myself to look into the meaning and create this guide just for you!

Disclaimer: I found out that most months actually have two flowers, but for the sake of this list, I’ll just be analyzing the primary one (I’m in no way a botanist!).


Kicking off with the month of Carnations, this flower’s origins go back to the ancient Greeks. It traditionally symbolizes devotion, longevity, and love (although this can change slightly depending on the color). So, for those of you born in January, the Carnation says that you are passionate but always loyal to those around you.


Next up, February’s flower is the Violet. These brightly colored early bloomers have changed meaning over the last few centuries. Once said to be for fertility in ancient Mesopotamia, the Violet is now associated with dependability and humility, as are all you February babies.


There’s no need to fill out a March Madness bracket for this one — the winning flower for March is the Daffodil! This flower is a sign of new beginnings and fresh starts, so for my readers with March birthdays, this means you are adaptable and energetic.


Oh, April, we’re in the throes of spring and starting to reap the benefits of the rain, and if you’ve been keeping up with the Bachelor, you might like this one — you’re a Daisy! Like this flower, you’re easy-going and the go-to person to keep a secret!


No month is more associated with flowers than May, but the lucky plant representing the May babies is the Lily of the Valley. This flower might be poisonous in nature, but it symbolizes people that are anything but! If you were born in May, you are sweet and ambitious, just like this plant!


I was primarily invested in this one as a June baby myself, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I found out our central flower is the traditional Rose — until I read up on what they mean! Like the Rose, we can seem a little prickly or shy at first, but we’re deeply caring, and once someone’s in our life, it’s rare to see them go. 


July might be the peak of summer, but it’s an underrated month for birthdays, featuring an underrated flower, the Larkspur. You might not have heard of this wildflower before, but they’ll brighten up your garden and your day, just like those born in July. Like the Larkspur, your July birthdays are said to be charming and joyful, with vibrant personalities!


August’s official flower is the Gladiolus — an impressive name to match some impressive people! The Gladiolus symbolizes victory, honor, and strength, and if you’re born in August, you have the privilege of sharing in all these traits.


Back-to-school season may bring some dread, but this late-season bloomer can liven up anyone’s day! The Aster can grow up to 6 feet tall, and its meaning certainly lives up to its towering height. If you’re a September kid, you’re very wise and optimistic, and you’re patient in nature. 


Spooky season is known more for apple picking and cozy sweaters than flowers, but it’s also Marigold’s time to shine! Like the Marigold, those born in October are unique, characterized by their creativity and warmth. 


A flower can rarely survive in the winter, but Chrysanthemums are just as resilient as those it represents! This flower is known for its bright pigmentation and longevity, which translates into its people.


You might think of a Holly first when it comes to December, but this month’s symbolic flower is actually the Narcissus. This plant is the gift that keeps giving, just like December babies, and represents their strong will and inspirational aura.

Kayla Bacon-Friends With Flowers
Kayla Bacon / Her Campus

We all know April showers bring May flowers, but now you know which one of those blooming buds is special to you! 

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