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Valeria Rivera

BU '26

Hi there! My name is Valeria Rivera and I am a journalism and public relations major at Boston University, as well as a contributing writer and part of our editing team here at the BU chapter of Her Campus.

I’m also part of the Daily Free Press, a student-run newspaper on campus, where I’ve recently made the switch from hard news to the lifestyle section in my quest to get to know different parts of the newsroom!

I'm originally from Costa Rica and my family is from Honduras, but I grew up all around and lived in lots of other places like the Philippines, Hong Kong, and now Boston. I love traveling and visiting new places and I find that my experiences abroad have really influenced and inspired my writing both personally and in my journalistic pursuits.

Most of all, I hope to always be able to use what I’ve learned to amplify the stories and voices of those around me.