What the Trump Presidency Means to a Ten-Year-Old 

It has now officially been over one hundred days of Trump’s presidency, so at this point, most if not all of Americans have made up their minds about what they think of Trump’s performance. The Republicans are trying to salvage his reputation, the Democrats are trying to ruin it, and all of these voices shouting over one another can often feel overwhelming. 

In all of this chaos, the most important voices might actually be the quietest of all: the children of America. In this interview with a ten-year-old boy named Jack, we can get a glimpse into how our nation’s future is dealing with Trump’s presidency and what exactly they think that means. 



Q: Are you a fan or a supporter of Donald Trump? 

A: I guess. 


Q: Why or why not? 

A: So far he’s been a pretty good president, he’s okay. 


Q: What has he done to make you think so? 

A: I forget, I just know he’s done something good. But I think he could do better. 


Q: Do you think most people in America are happy with the job he is doing?

A: I think people are okay with him. 


Q: How do you think Donald is as a person? 

A: A little greedy.  


Q: What is the main thing you hear people say about him? 

A: He looks like the librarian from Monsters Inc. 



Q: Do you believe these rumors? 

A: Yes. 


Q: What does it say about America that he won?

A: I don’t think people are bad or good because of who they vote for. 


Q: Do you think the world is a better place because he won? A worse place? 

A: I think it’s gotten actually worse. I think Korea is going to launch a nuke or something, but they weren’t going to before he was president. 


Q: Do you know anyone that has been sad or badly affected by his new rules and laws? 

A:  You. (Good point.) 


Q: If you could change one thing about Donald Trump what would it be? 

A: I would change what he talks about. Like, not say stupid, mean stuff. I would have him talk about more presidency stuff, like what he’s going to plan to do. 


Q: Anything else you want Trump to know? 

A: Say good things, not unhelpful things. 


So it appears, overall, the youth of America may be blissfully unaware as to the nasty dealings of everyday Trump-era politics. This may actually be a blessing in disguise, as I am confident history will not remember Trump kindly. Maybe it’s for the best that when the kids of today learn the true nature of Trump, they learn it as the past. They will learn what he did, and how they can do it better. 

Jack demonstrated here that he already knows to some degree the nature of Donald Trump. He doesn’t talk politics or game plans, he talks hate and fake promises. Even at age 10, Jack knows Trump should and can do better. Maybe we can all take a lesson from this, and instead of looking at the next four years in dismay, we can look forward with optimism. Trump will learn how to be President over time, we angry Americans will make sure of it.