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What I Miss Most About BU

It’s crazy to think that I left BU and Boston two months ago and won’t be back there for another four months. That’s half of a year! I genuinely miss BU and thought it would be worth sharing the seven things I miss most about it. 

My Friends

The thing I miss the most about BU is my friends – hanging out with them, chatting with them in person (some of them every day), laughing with them, living near them (some of them literally next door), grabbing dinner with them, etc. Facetiming, Zooming, texting, calling, and Snapchatting are all great, but they’re just not the same as being in the same room as someone.

Sigma Kappa
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A few weeks before spring break, I went through recruitment and joined Sigma Kappa! After spring break, all of the other new members and I were supposed to get initiated and get a big, and there were also many other fun events planned. Unfortunately, none of these things were able to happen because we didn’t come back from spring break. I’m looking forward to initiation, big/little reveal, and other fun events with SK in the fall.

BU On Tap
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At the beginning of the school year, I auditioned for BU on Tap – and that was one of the best decisions I made this year. I enjoyed tapping and hanging out with this group so much! Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we weren’t able to have our final show, and I didn’t get to say goodbye to the seniors in the way I thought I was going to get to. I miss tapping and hanging out with my tap-fam so much. 

Walking Everywhere
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I’m not the best driver, and I don’t love driving, so going to school in a city where I didn’t have to drive was very exciting for me. I genuinely miss walking everywhere. Not only was it good exercise, but I found it really enjoyable (even in bad weather)!

Ladies of History

In the fall, I decided to be an intern for WTBU – and I got put on a radio show called Ladies of History with some of the best girls and hosts. And this semester, the other intern and I joined them as DJs. I miss talking about amazing women and just life in general with some of my favorite ladies every Tuesday!

In-Person Classes

While I had a good experience with remote learning, I really do miss in-person classes. Online is just not the same! There’s something irreplaceable about being in an actual classroom.

Being In Boston

I can honestly say that I think Boston is the best city in the world! Going to school there was a dream for me: the views, the weather, the walks, the shops, the parks, etc. – I love and miss pretty much everything about Boston.

Even though I’m sad that I miss BU, I’m grateful to go to a university that I actually miss. And while I love Boston, I also love being home.

This pandemic has brought a lot of negatives, but the positive is being with my family. My family and I are enjoying this time at home with each other. 


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Suzanne Crow is a junior journalism major and American studies minor from Lubbock, Texas. In addition to being a writer and editor for Her Campus, Suzanne is a COM Ambassador, a Sigma Kappa, a radio show host for "Ladies of History" on WTBU, a writer for Off The Cuff, and a member of and social media manager for BU on Tap.
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