What Are AirPods Actually Useful For? Answering All of Your Burning Questions About the Newest Headphone Trend

Outside of the endless jokes and memes, what are AirPods even good for? As in the above cover photo, you’re very likely to find me with my AirPods in, regardless of whether I’m listening to anything or not. I just forget they’re in there.

I bought a pair in January— it cost a whole $170 that could’ve easily been used elsewhere, and for a couple of days, I was on the verge of returning them. I didn’t see the value in them, especially as, until I got used to the feel of them in my ears, they were prone to falling out. I decided to give them a chance, however, and found the things I liked about them.

Photo credit: Apple

For one, they sync quickly and allow you increased mobility without having to carry your phone around with you. They also sync to your Apple Watch, so even if you don’t have your phone, it’s possible to still listen to music or take calls.

On the other hand, they die quicker than I expected them to. Battery life on a phone call is around two hours, and for playing music or other audio is five hours. That’s not bad; I just expected them to last longer when I first got them and was surprised when they didn’t. However, they charge very quickly, especially when the case is plugged in.

Photo credit: Business Insider

I was surprised to find that the audio quality on the AirPods is also superior to regular Apple earbuds. The volume is louder and more clear. But at the same time, working out with the AirPods can be a struggle at times, especially when running. I’ve learned to adjust the earbuds a certain way, but otherwise, they come loose quickly and need to be constantly readjusted.

AirPods have their pros and cons— while I initially regretted purchasing them, I no longer feel that way, as they're very accessible and convenient. I wish they weren’t so expensive, but I can see why they would be based on the variety of functions that they serve. I enjoy my AirPods, and often forget to take them out of my ears, which I get made fun of for often, but I guess that’s a testament to how convenient they are.

However, I would not recommend anyone to buy these if they’re not in your price range— they’re a “flex” but they’re not worth it if you are happy or satisfied with a more affordable pair of earbuds. They’re nothing to go out of your way for, and sometimes I still wish for that $170 back. I would recommend these if you’re okay with spending more, want something that syncs easily with your devices, and doesn’t require a different charging port!


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