A Weekend of Relaxing: Sunday River Ski Resort

A weekend getaway is exactly what everyone needs in the middle of spring semester. For me, President’s Day gave me the best excuse to get out of Boston for a little bit without going home. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who invited some girls up to Maine for a weekend of skiing and relaxing at Sunday River Mountain.

The ride up was four hours, which really isn’t that long of a road trip but this time, four hours felt like an eternity. The ride began during Boston’s rush hour traffic which wasn’t the best start to a ride, but nonetheless, the four of us were signing and laughing at different childhood stories. The last hour of the ride was an adventure. Once we were off the highway, we were driving through Maine on residential roads that were super dark. It was pretty creepy driving through what was basically a forest.

Eventually, we got to the house and the view was amazing! Personally, I think the best vacations are ones in the mountains, and Sunday River was definitely a gorgeous mountain. The stars were super bright and the air smelt fresh compared to the city of Boston. Don’t get me wrong, I am, for sure, a city girl, but the mountains hold a special place in my heart.

The view from the house was fantastic. During the day you could watch people ski down one of the slopes and at night you could look at the stars. Aside from the view, spending the weekend with some new friends was fantastic.

One girl was the chef for the weekend and made breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, which was amazing. While I’m away at college, I forget what it’s like to sit down at a dining room table to eat dinner as a family, so having that comfort for a weekend was great.

Of course, no weekend getaway is complete without a Rom-Com! After much debate on what to watch, it was discovered that I had never watched What’s Your Number? with Anna Faris and Chris Evans, so that’s what we decided to watch. 10 out 10 recommend watching it if you haven’t seen it, it might be my new favorite Rom-Com.

Saturday night we enjoyed a few hours in the hot tub, which was much needed. I swear, hot tubs can cure all stress and should be included on college campuses. Afterwards, we caught some of the Olympics, had pizza, and sat by the fire for a little bit.

After we got back to the house we all took a short nap, which was also much needed. The naps in that house were fantastic; the couches were so comfortable and the throw blankets were ridiculously soft. It’s hard not to fall asleep with soft music playing in the background and a fire going in front of you.

Coming back to campus, I felt refreshed and ready to get through the next few weeks until spring break. I’m so thankful that I got the opportunity to go away for a little bit to bond with some friends and relax. Sunday River Mountain was amazing, from the skiing to the food to the stars, everything was phenomenal about President’s Day Weekend.

Cover photo via http://8.sundayriver.com/


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