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Three Things You Need in Your Room This Winter

Cozy season has officially arrived! Although it took Boston a little longer to get there this year, the temperature in the past week has dropped to the 40s and 50s. Since it’s only going to get colder from here on out, it’s time to start making some adjustments to our wardrobes, our schedules, and most importantly, our homes. 


Now that the clocks have fallen back, the sun is going to start setting around 4 p.m. As depressing as that is, it is important to make sure your room is lit up when the sun goes down! I have an abundance of candles in my room. I use some for decoration, some for daily use, and some for special occasions. I got into candles last year when I was stuck in my room all the time doing online classes. They are great for plenty of reasons but mostly because I love when my room smells nice. Now, I need a candle burning almost all the time when I’m home. I personally recommend the crackling wick candles because they create a very peaceful atmosphere for working. I buy almost all of my candles at Target because they have a huge variety of scents and different types of candles, and they are not crazy expensive. Candles are definitely a must-have for the winter season!

plush items

It may seem obvious, but there really is nothing better than coming home from a long, cold day and getting warm in a plush blanket. My go-to move after walking home from class in the cold is to go right to my bed and jump into my soft plush blanket. Especially since my apartment building’s heat is still kicking in, my room has been very cold recently. Another great plush item is my plush robe. Getting out of the shower and directly into a warm plush robe cuts out that freezing walk from the shower to your room. A towel just doesn’t cut it in the cold weather. Last, plush socks are perfect for inside or outside. Tossing on plush socks with boots will keep your feet warm when there is snow on the ground, but even when you aren’t planning on leaving your room, plush socks or slippers will save your feet from cold tile or exposed toes sticking out from under the blanket. Plush is a savior when it comes to cold weather.

Warm drinks

For those of us living in apartments with kitchens, hot cocoa or tea is going to be game-changing for us this winter. While I’m sitting at my desk doing work with my candle next to me as I’m curled up in my plush blanket with my plush socks on, the only thing that perfects the picture is holding a mug full of steaming Earl Grey tea. I didn’t use to like tea at all, but once I started drinking it to soothe my throat for coughs and colds, I really warmed up to it (ha). Earl Grey tea with a little bit of honey is a perfect addition to working because it has enough caffeine in it to keep you going but not so much that it keeps you from being able to sleep. Hot cocoa is another great winter drink. It’s more of a dessert than tea is, but it will keep you just as warm.

There are so many things to enjoy about winter, but it is so much easier to do so when you’re not freezing your toes off. Staying warm starts at home! Try a few of these tips if you can’t seem to keep out the cold. 

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Catherine is from Boston MA. She is a junior in the College of Communications at Boston University. Her hobbies include reading and taking walks, and she is also a member of BU's sailing team. Catherine has been a writer for Her Campus since the fall of 2020, and recently joined the editing team this past fall. She is currently pursuing a major in journalism and a minor in English.
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