Thoughts from My First Visit to a Psychic

I was skeptical of psychics; however, after reading an article on psychic mediums, I decided I wanted to try it out. I found a local psychic in Boston, and I booked an appointment. I forgot all about the appointment until the day before when I got a reminder—then I got super nervous. Why would I want to see a psychic? I asked myself. But, for some reason, I just really wanted to do it.

I called an Uber after my last class and headed over to her office. It was in a small building near a gas station, and I was really unsettled. I didn’t know what to expect. After I found her office, she welcomed me and told me to sit on a velvet sofa in a small room. She sat across from me in a yellow velvet chair. There were crystals, flowers, and clocks scattered across the room.

I thought maybe she would ask me if I had ever seen a psychic before, but instead, she jumped right in. She told me she sensed a spiritual energy around me—possibly a grandmother. She asked me "yes or no" questions such as “Does that make sense?” and “do you know what that means?”

She contacted my grandmother and described her looks perfectly. Then, she described a secret recipe my grandma would always make, and that really blew my mind because it’s the most random recipe: potato salad. The skeptic in me was in shock. She continued by naming my uncles, using phrases my grandma would say, and even told me how I used to dance in my grandma’s kitchen.

I left after an hour in shock. Not only did the psychic know personal details about my family, but she knew about my grandma’s love for balloons and singing. How strange!

I went in a skeptic and came out a believer. I laughed and cried during the session, which is bizarre for me because I like to stay cool and keep my feelings inside. There was a moment when I could ask questions, but I couldn’t think of any… so I’m going back and asking questions. Stay tuned!


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