Struggles of Returning From Studying Abroad

Many people describe their time studying abroad as the best memories they have from college. But returning from the semester that included walks along the Thames or picnics in front of the Eiffel Tower can be a rude awakening. Anyone who has studied abroad can relate to these familiar sentiments about returning to campus after a magical time abroad.


1. Coming to terms with the fact that you no longer get to live like Lizzie McGuire.

Remember that time during your semester abroad when you made a wish by throwing a penny into a fountain and later became a pop sensation in Italy? Those were good times, but back home, nothing seems quite as glamorous. Why don’t people ride Vespas here?


2. Where are the charming British accents? 

Everything sounds charming when it’s said elegantly in a British accent. But now that you are back at school, these charming accents are scarce. Are you already searching for the cheapest flight back? Me too.


3. Crispy Crepes just aren’t as magical as the crepes in Paris.

Actually, almost none of the food here is as good as it was abroad. Eating baguettes, gelato, pizza, and pasta all in one day used to be the norm. I’m actually getting hungry just talking about it. Dining hall food just does not compare.


4. Boston winters

While it probably wasn’t all sunshine while you were studying abroad, chances are you didn’t experience a winter that made you never want to step foot outside ever again. At least we get snow days in Boston, right?


5. Classes are actually hard again

Remember that generic class that you had for two days a week with virtually no homework? That doesn’t exist here. It’s time to get back to planning for your career and taking classes that actually go towards your major... A.K.A. major stress.


While it may be tough to be back on campus after that magical trip, take it from a survivor that it will get better soon. Don’t forget about all the great things about being back, like catching up with your friends. If that’s not enough to cheer you up, at least you have the pictures to relive your trip!