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Sophie Woan — The Woman Who Does it All

One of the hardest things about college is adjusting to a brand new world so different from high school. With BU’s prestige and fairly low acceptance rate, almost everyone was super involved in high school. That meant APs, volunteering, clubs, e-board positions on said clubs, jobs, and more. College, being so different, offers a bit of a rude awakening: sometimes, students just don’t have time for extracurriculars. They may be on a dozen email lists (thanks to Splash!) and drop by the GSU Link tables and buy a baked good to support a cause, but more often than not, their 3-hour-labs, busy schedules and study sessions make it near impossible for them to have the same level of involvement as they did in high school.

For Sophie Woan, however, that’s not the case. In addition to being a writer for Her Campus, she boasts a resume full of other extracurriculars: she’s a member of the social media team for Unleashed, BU’s student-run Public Relations firm; an intern for Seaworld Slumber Party, a radio show on WTBU; and even has an off-campus job. Back in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois, she worked at SoulCycle, so she was able to transfer to the Back Bay location where you can find her at the front desk.

Photo provided by Sophie Woan.

Despite her hectic schedule, her freshman experience at BU has been positive. “I love living in Boston, and adjusting to college life has been difficult at times but I feel really lucky to be here,” Woan said. “I’ve been able to meet so many cool people and become more independent as a person and as a student.”

While adjusting to college is tough for everyone, Woan was pleasantly surprised with how smooth the transition was, since she’s already well-versed in city life. “I’m charmed by how intimate and historic Boston is, even though it’s still such a major city,” she said. “In that sense, Chicago is more of a city to me because it’s a lot bigger and busier.”

The only hard part? The rain.

“A big adjustment has been the rain!” Woan remarked. “It doesn’t rain nearly as much in Chicago and I had to learn to always keep an umbrella with me here.”

Although it’s only been a year, Woan already adores life at BU. Like most of us, she’s under Boston’s irresistible spell. “I love being able to see the fall colors here, and I love being at a school with so many people who are so eager to learn and so many professors that are so eager to teach,” Woan said. “I went to a small high school where I knew everyone, which I loved, but it’s nice to come here and meet people every day, and still know that there are so many people I haven’t met yet.

And while a lot of people have something to say about BU’s lack of a campus, she appreciates the “in and of the city” aspect. “I also love being able to stay in our little campus bubble but be able to hop on the T and go right down to Newbury St., or wherever else in Boston that I want to explore,” Woan added.

Photo provided by Sophie Woan.

Being on the writing team for Her Campus has also been a huge source of happiness for Woan. For her, applying wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing. She already knew she wanted to be involved with HC: “I would always browse HC when I was bored, and I did so much research on it when I was applying to schools and looking to relate to girls like me at different schools,” Woan explained. “I wanted to be part of the HC team because I love writing to an audience that I consider to be my best friends about anything that I want to write about.”

Her experience as a part of Her Campus definitely has lived up to her expectations. “I love writing for HC because we get so many cool opportunities, like going to College Fashion Week Fashion Show, or the Primark event, and I love being part of such a strong, empowering group of women,” she gushed. “Getting to know other members of our team has been so cool and a great way to feel more at home at BU.”


Woan’s enthusiasm, high level of involvement and commitment, and positive, go-getter attitude is an inspiration for us all. (And, she’s only a freshman!)


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Carina is a junior at Boston University, studying in the College of Arts & Sciences as an Economics/Psychology double major and an English minor. Outside of Her Campus, she works at the Boston University Center for Career Development/Educational Resource Center, serves as the Communications Deputy Director of BU Student Government, and is a BrewU Ambassador for the Morning Brew. In her free time, she enjoys creating and curating content for her studyblr. She's an ENFP and a Cancer (and loves anything related to personalities and astrology).
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