So I Went to the Movie Theater Alone

I love going to the movie theater, but I have always gone with friends or family members. I always thought if I went to the movie theater alone, I would be too focused on what I thought other people were thinking of me than actually watching the movie. This past Sunday, I conquered my fear and I went to the movie theater alone. I felt like I had to experience going to the movie theater alone because a lot of people I know have done it and don’t mention a big difference.

My initial feelings before even going to the theater were nervousness and anxiety. What if I ran into someone I knew and they were with a bunch of people? I don’t think I could handle the awkwardness. Or what if someone at the theater brought up the fact that I was alone?

Although I had some nerves, I did really like how I got to choose what time I went to the movies and I didn’t have to consult with anyone else. It was really refreshing to just go when I wanted to.

By the way, I went to see A Star is Born, which was fantastic and I will be listening to the soundtrack every day from now on. I recommend it to everyone. Here’s a short summary:

Now, back on track. Another good thing I found when going to the movie theater was that I got to eat whatever I wanted—I chose popcorn obviously—and eat however much I wanted.


I also got to pick where I wanted to sit which I feel like I rarely get to do. Some people that I go with like to sit in the very back while some like to sit in the front. I am not a fan of either, I like to sit in the middle so I am not craning my neck or squinting the whole time.

When I got to the actual theater where the movie was going to be shown, I started feeling nervous. The theater was so much bigger than what they have in my hometown and there weren’t that many people in the theater when I got there. I felt like people were watching to see where I sat down and if other people were going to join me. I know that they most likely weren’t paying any attention to me, but it still made me anxious. When I got there, the trailers were starting so it was still a little bright in the theater. This made me tense because I assumed everyone who walked in would look at me and judge me. Again, they were probably not doing this but my anxiety had a mind of its own.

Although I was nervous at first, my fears went away when the movie actually started. I was too busy watching the movie to think about anything else. After the movie, I was no longer nervous or anxious. I didn’t feel like going to the movies alone was such a big deal. The only thing I felt a bit bad about was that I couldn’t talk about the movie with someone afterward.

The verdict: I would do it again, but I prefer going with other people.

Going to the movie theater alone is not that scary and is helpful when you want to see a movie none of your friends want to or when you are just bored. This experience ultimately depends on the person, because you could be someone that thrives in independence and would love this or you could be like me and overanalyze every little thing.

I think that everyone should go to the movies alone at least once in their life. I definitely built up a lot of fears in my head and the experience was better than what I thought. You get a lot more control and choice when you go to the movies alone which I liked.

Ultimately, I think the nerves were worth it, especially for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  


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