A Single Girl's Guide to Enjoying Valentine's Day

If you’re single, chances are you haven’t been thinking about Valentine’s Day, or you have been avoiding it like the plague. It’s a holiday centered around love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love––it could mean self-love or the love you have for your closest friends. Although V-Day is mostly marketed to couples, you’re not missing out. Here are eight ways for you to enjoy Valentine’s Day while single.

1. Do something with your friends.

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Friends automatically make doing anything more fun. Whether you go out together or you stay in, there’s no way you can possibly feel bad about being single! Unlike a S.O., there is an extent to which humans need friendship and platonic connection, so spending time around your friends is a very healthy and enjoyable way to spend your day. Also, if you do happen to start to feel sad because you miss or yearn for romantic connection, your friends are always there to listen to you. 

2. Bake.

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You could make something fancy, like strawberry macaroons, or something simple and easy like Pillsbury shape cookies. Use this couple-centered holiday as an excuse to make and eat cute themed food. Baked goods are almost always delicious, so after you enjoy what you made, you can share it with your friends.

3. Watch a rom-com.

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Watching a good romantic comedy is always fun, even when you’re not in a relationship. Whether you watch a movie that is new to you or an old favorite, you’re sure to get a good laugh. The drama and the awkwardness that often takes place in these kinds of movies may even remind you of why you’re glad to be single. 

4. Dedicate the day to self-love.

Meditate, take a bath, do some journaling, or whatever it is that makes you feel comforted and loved by yourself. You are, after all, your most consistent friend and companion, so it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. Doing this will boost your confidence and help with your self-esteem, which will have a positive effect on how you look at life and your endeavors.

5. Buy chocolate for yourself.

Valentine’s Day is known for being an excuse to buy chocolate, so why not buy some for yourself? Chocolate is tasty, comforting, and you certainly don’t have to be with someone else to enjoy it. Also, being single means you don’t have to share, so go ahead and have as much as you want!

6. Take yourself out on a date.

There is absolutely no shame at all in going to a restaurant, movie theater, or any other public place by yourself. In fact, it’s actually a great way to build confidence and enjoy your own company outside of your room. Another really nice thing about taking yourself out on a date is that you don’t have to compromise with another person––just do what you feel like doing! There is an amazing kind of freedom in that. 

7. Treat. Yo’. Self.

Get your nails done. Go shopping. Buy whatever it is that you’ve had your eye on for months. You don’t have a S.O., so you can dedicate all of your time and your purchases to yourself. Now that you think about it, isn’t it nice to not have to be thinking about getting a v-day gift for a partner? 

8. Plan your goals and aspirations for the near future.

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Want an internship this summer? Work on your cover letter! Been dying to study abroad? Make it happen! Like any day, Valentine’s day is a great day to work on your aspirations––maybe even especially since working on your aspirations goals shows your love for yourself and your love for your life. Make school, jobs, and internships your valentine; this will reward you so much more now and in your future than some other person who may not even stick around.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck when you’re single. By seeing friends, baking, taking care of yourself, and following your aspirations, you can make it a great day, because after all: who needs a significant other? HCXO!


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