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Role Models for Alternative Fashion Trends

Do you ever feel like a lot of the popular fashion trends are just more and more of the same?  It is often that most innovative ideas and daring outfit combinations are not found in the pages of Vogue or worn by the high-profiled celebrities on E! News. Fashion is an essential part of alternative subcultures like punk, goth, and bohemian. But sadly, these looks are not showcased nearly as much as the outfits worn by Kylie Jenner or Taylor Swift. Still, there have been certain people over the years whose memorable styling choices have broken through the mold and have transformed into off-center fashion icons.

1.  Helena Bonham Carter

For years, Helena Bonham Carter’s unconventional fashion sense has been the subject of jokes and criticism on Red Carpet shows. Yet, Carter has always stayed true to herself, rocking looks she thinks are fun and exciting. This positive judgment-free approach to getting dressed is one we should all try to embrace in our everyday lives whether you want to throw on a voluminous skirt, mix together bright prints, or even wear two different shoes. Don’t stress about what everyone else might think and just go for it!

2.  Winona Ryder

An inspiration to all misfits and lovers of grunge in the 90s. Winona Ryder’s style has stood the test of time, remaining effortlessly cool in 2015. Her looks were always sleek, dressing mostly in black from head to toe and wearing minimal accessories. Winona is also a fan of invoking that aura of “tough girl glamour” with a dramatic red lip and lots of mascara.

3.  Florence Welch

Florence Welch, who is the powerful singer behind the music of Florence and the Machine, channels her celestial, bohemian sound into her personal style. Her wardrobe is full of florals, romantic soft pink and blush maxi dresses, and textured blazers. Despite this wardrobe drama, she keeps her looks from being too costume-like or overwhelming by making sure every piece is tailored precisely to her frame.

4.  Kristen Stewart

In recent years, KStew’s style has evolved from more traditional Hollywood glamour to more laid-back and sporty. Her street style is incredibly minimal,  incorporating timeless pieces such as white t-shirts, leather jackets, and straight-leg jeans. Kristen often brings an edge to her simple outfits by adding androgynous accessories like chunky sneakers, baseball caps, and leather cuffs.

5.  Emilie Autumn

Probably the least recognizable name on the list. Emilie Autumn is a singer and electric violinist, who is well known in goth and alternative communities for her theatrical Victorian fashion. Autumn’s style blends together feminine pieces like silk bloomers and cloth petticoats with tougher, more modern accessories. Her signature pieces include sparkly corsets, striped stockings, and black combat boots.  If you really want to channel Emilie’s look, do not forget to paint a small red heart on your arm.

If you’re still searching for a fashion muse whose style is a little outside the pages of Seventeen or Glamour, take these unique ladies into consideration. 

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