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Pros of Working a Minimum Wage Job While Studying

I’m not going to lie, working a minimum wage and being a full-time student is rough.

For those who say, “it gets easier with time": Stop! Lying! To! Us!

It’s simply not true because with time comes exams, and with exams comes a whole lot of — you guessed it — stress! So, I get it. Taking four or five classes and working isn’t easy, because if it was everyone would be doing it.

That being said… the anger towards your boss, an annoying customer, a slippery floor that ruins your shoes, or ten shifts filled with starvation later... the frustration doesn’t go away. That’s why I decided to write this article because, every once in a while, we all need a little reminder!

First, I want to start off by congratulating you! I know you definitely don’t hear this enough, but you’re doing great things sweetie. You’re killing the game for being able to do school and work at the same time. It probably seems natural to you by now, but what you are doing is REALLY hard. SO GOOD JOB!

Now, it’s time to answer your question...WHY?!??

I’ll tell ya why!


1. You love that feeling when the check comes in!

You’re lying if you say this isn’t true. The moment that direct deposit hits or that check is in the mail, you know you have money and won’t have to worry about it. Whether you’re saving it or you’re spending it all in one place, you have been waiting for it to come with your name right at the top! It’s like the best feeling ever.


2. You want to decrease your dependence on your parents.

A lot of people could probably relate to this one too. You’re in college and away from home, so you want to start learning how to be less dependent on your parents. It’s why I picked up a job. The happiness I feel from not having to ask my parents for money when I want to go out to eat or just get a coffee makes me really proud of myself. A lot of students don’t have that courage, but hey, it’s a life skill you’re learning! #workinggirl


3. You want to budget!

Another life skill that you are going to have to learn at some point. Budgeting is key to becoming financially independent and if you learn how to budget with a salary of a minimum wage job, you’re going to be ahead of the game later in life. College is the best place to learn what will and won’t work, so shout out to your minimum wage job for teaching you that!


4. You have to budget so you can help pay for this INCREDIBLE degree you are getting.

This is one of the harder ones, but it is reality. A lot of people who work and study aren’t doing it just out of “want” but rather out of need. You’re lucky if you can afford to go to college and not worry about debt, but some people do. This is probably the most important one for them. Remember: you’re working this hard shift right now so you don’t have to later in life.

This shift is giving you a small, small, small, small step towards your beautiful degree that’ll help you get some nice Fortune 500 job so you don’t have to clean tables anymore. I believe in ya, you got this!


5. You want to spend money on your “own things.”

Doesn’t everyone? When it’s your parents' money, you might feel bad spending it. So, working this job means that you don’t have to feel guilty about buying that really expensive face mask that your mom would have said no to because IT’S YOUR MONEY GIRL!


6. You feel pride in saying that you work and study.

It’s a really big accomplishment, what you are doing right now. You’re going to have a lot of hard times, but being able to say that you work and study is such a rewarding statement. Very few people can say it because of its time commitment, but you’re one of the few who can! Soak up all of that pride, you working gal.


7. You enjoy that the job keeps you in check.

With having to plan your life and school work, having a job will keep you in check. Your calendar will be your lifeforce and you’re going to be pretty good at being on top of your stuff. It’s one of the few reasons I love working. Even though I am pretty stressed, I always know that I am on top of my to-do list because of my work schedule!

These are only a couple reasons I can think of and I’m sure there are more out there! Working a minimum wage job while studying is really hard but you are doing it. Not many of your peers can say that, so go you! Whenever you are feeling a little overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, or sad, just remember all of the good things working gives you. And congratulations for killing the game of life and starting to get yourself together early!! I know we are all very proud of you.


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