Primark’s Student Event Hits the Mark

On Wednesday of last week, Her Campus X Primark hosted their annual Student Shopping Event — and, girl, it was an event.

Walking into the four-story tall building, located right off of the Boston Common, I was immediately greeted with... a line. Turns out when Her Campus invites broke college girls shopping, we all want to go. Who would’ve thunk it? But I didn’t mind as it gave me time to pose for the “Hello Boston” wall. Yes. THE #primarkUSA wall. This wall has graced so many Instagram feeds and I suddenly found myself in front of it, wishing I’d worn a better outfit. Primark is a place built for Instagram feeds (& while you’re at it, be sure to tag them @Primark.usa!).

But when we did make it to the front — photos on phone — we received Her Campus X Primark tote bags and a gift card. Totally worth the wait. The Her Campus x Primark design — a simple outline of a rose — chosen for this year’s event was the perfect mix of classy and fantasy. It had Sleeping Beauty written all over it. Armed with our new tote bags and handy gift cards we set out to do what we came for. The store was our oyster — all four floors.

Photo Credit: Jazmyn Gray

Well, three. Because there were three floors dedicated to the event. And with each new floor, came a new surprise. The first floor had a DJ (and the sweaters!). The second floor held a photo booth and a makeup counter. And the third, cookies and personalized Her Campus pins to decorate your tote. I may have been impartial to the first floor (sweater weather for life!), but I was glad for them all, as each new level presented its own discovery.

Photo Credit: Primark Student Event 

So, yes, we shopped until we felt like our arms would fall off. Perhaps the greatest part of this event — other than being surrounded by Her Campus gals each doing their own thing — was the opportunity to shop all the looks from Her Campus College Fashion Week, which happened last month.

If you weren’t able to make it, no worries. You can still shop all our favorite looks on the Primark Website. And be sure to follow @Primark on twitter to stay updated on all things ~fashion~.

Ultimately, the student event was a great way to unwind in the middle of a stressful week. It’s midterm season, folks! I was really grateful for the chance to go out in a positive space, surrounded by my #hercampusbu girls, and partake in some of my favorite activities. Shopping is the best medicine. And while my bank account may not always understand, I’m glad Her Campus and Primark do.


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