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Post Spring Break: The Struggle Days

Written by: Kirthana Iyer

So if you read my previous article, Surviving Midterms With the Flu, you saw that the week before spring break was actually terrible. I was dying and tests were drowning me. Logically, I assumed that “Hey, now that midterms are done, maybe I can chill a little?”

Ha. What a silly mistake. Silly ole freshman me.

Every upperclassman @ me:

Post-spring break is filled with PTSD, more exams, more papers, wanting to go back home, and cold. Doesn’t it sound so exciting? *sarcastic laugh* Yes, somehow college managed to get worse. I literally didn’t even think that was possible until I reached PSB (Post Spring Break).

So, how did you get here? Well, let’s go back to the start and see where it all began.

I got here in January because I’m in CGS Boston-London so we during the spring semester. It was cold, or at least I thought it was cold. Classes began and it was easy breezy until MIDTERMS (triggered) had arrived.

We don’t think about that time anymore. I remember all of my work being done except for an assignment or two. Then, I took a break because it’s literally called Spring BREAK. ALL OF A SUDDEN, I came back to more work than is physically possible.

It is two paragraphs but it is my life at BU, and probably most of yours. You think a break is there but then every professor decides to give every single assignment your brain can handle because “hey, you had a break.”


If you can’t tell, that’s exactly how I looked on the snow day. Writing an essay on a topic that was explained for less than ten minutes in class, doing 3 discussion threads on readings that I honestly didn’t know anything about, taking notes on 58493753 pages of articles, and attempting to study for a midterm I have on Monday.

So yeah, the struggle “dayz” are here boiz. We are drowning in work because we had a break and now everyone is realizing that there are only two months left of school.

Drink some tea, bundle up, and get ready for the wildest two months of your life. It’ll go by so much quicker than you expect and your GPA will tank more than you thought it could. So, shout an SOS and get some help before you can’t be helped anymore. Everyone’s struggling, welcome the party.


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