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Politics Are Getting Boring, Don’t You Think?

Written by Kirthana Iyer

Lately, every news article has been “Trump” this and “Trump that”. Honestly, it’s getting a little boring. And annoying. Like okay, I get it. The news is important, it tells us things we need to know. In fact, I USED to LOVE reading it.

Then, Trump became president. And suddenly, the news was all the same. I know he’s not a fan favorite, but I mean come on, there’s got to be something else going on in the world. No one just wants to hear about Trump’s tweets.

But why is this happening? Why is the news becoming so boring?

Well, it’s pretty simple. There isn’t that much out there to say anymore. Everything that we thought we had solved with the government wasn’t actually solved. DACA, terrorism, and school shootings were things we thought we had a general consensus on. But it’s come to light that we don’t. Politics really is divided. Which makes politics a really HOT topic right now.

Being a hot topic means it’s “in” right now. “What the cool kids are doing” is another way to look at it. Social activism, anger towards the government, and violence are increasing simply because we have opened our mouths. So every news article you read isn’t just informational, they are old wounds being opened multiple times. That’s why everything is continually repeated. Because it’s “hot.”

Does that make the news boring?

Eh…kinda. It’s boring because you’re hearing the same issues over and over and over again, but there isn’t actually a resolution being made. How many times have you heard about Russia in the news in the past year? Far more times than I heard it in my AP World History class that’s for sure. Yeah, so the same topics get us bored and scared because we know that no one is really going to solve it. Because no one has. So there doesn’t really seem like a reason to watch the news.

What can we do about it?

Read the news even when it scares you. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. All those repetitive articles are really really scary, and part of you just hopes that it’ll go away if you don’t read it. Alas, it does not. It’s still going to be there, you’re just going to hear about it later. So start reading!

Know your stuff!

Being educated and knowing an issue can save you so much in today’s society. Having the ability to comprehend BOTH sides of an argument is a skill needed in our social media-driven world.

So yeah, politics can get a little boring, but hiding from the news isn’t going to make the big bad monster go away. You got to know it, understand it, and educate others. Know what’s happening so you can fix it.

And that, my girlies, is just how the cookie crumbles.


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