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Midterms week arrived much quicker than I thought it would. As I was studying, I kept getting distracted by little noises in the library and becoming frustrated by my lack of progress in learning the material. In a last-ditch attempt to get my study session back on track, I popped in my earbuds and put on a Spotify playlist that someone else made for studying in a library. It was perfect! The vibes were spot on, and I was able to focus on reading and taking notes — all while finding new songs and artists that I liked. 

I had been meaning to update my playlists for a while. After this, I decided it was the right time. I created seven new playlists for very specific situations and feelings — adding both songs I knew well and some that I just discovered. It was a fun experience picking out songs and seeing if they fit the vibe of a particular playlist. 

The next week, when I was feeling a little down, I decided to try out one of my new playlists that I had filled with songs for when I need a little boost of happiness. It was exactly what I needed. Listening to the songs helped lift my mood and gave me the push to get my work done for the day.

I realized that having a nicely curated playlist helped me focus and allowed me to have music at the ready that fit my mood. Before coming to college, I used to always listen to music on my drive to school, and without realizing it, I would always pick a playlist that matched how I was feeling or what I wanted to get out of the day. When I arrived at college, I sort of forgot about this part of my daily routine, and by bringing it back, I realized how important it was in my life. 

Making these playlists was such a fun process! To create them (they are still a work in progress), I searched for playlists with similar titles and listened to some of the songs on them to see if I liked them or not. I also took some of Spotify’s recommendations, and I was sure to add some songs that are tried and true favorites of mine. As a result of this process, I found so many new songs and artists that I love. When I was simply listening to my favorite songs or my Spotify Wrapped playlists, I found that the music would get repetitive or be a random mix of songs. This way I was able to change it up a little bit and try out something new. I now have a few soundtracks to accompany my life!

I highly recommend creating specific playlists. It is such a fun process that can help boost your mood and improve productivity!

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Sarah is a freshman at Boston University studying Film and Television in the College of Communication. She is originally from just outside Baltimore, Maryland. She enjoys working on craft projects and watching TV, and she is so excited to be writing for Her Campus BU!
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