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Overcoming Your Insecurities and How to Become a Confident Leader

It’s a snowy day in Boston. The wind is slapping against my face, but I keep walking and enter the library. I grab my burning hot latte and sit at my usual spot, ready to take on the stupid amount of work that awaits me.

I turn on my computer and get down to business. But suddenly, I feel hesitant. Staring at my keyboard, I cannot help but notice my fingers trembling. This Spring semester, I took on so many new and exciting opportunities and part of me cannot help but wonder if I deserve to be here. I start overthinking. Am I doing this right? Am I enough? What if I mess up?

I am more comfortable hiding behind a screen than speaking in public and taking on a leadership role. Even though I may be doing great, my anxiety leads me to believe that something is most definitely wrong with me and that I am ultimately going to become a liability to the organization that chose to trust me with challenging responsibilities.

I’m scared of offending people or saying something out of line. I want to give constructive feedback, but I feel like I’m not credible enough. I want to delegate work to the people I’m now in charge of supervising but giving clear instructions makes me feel arrogant.

In these moments, I have to remember that there is a reason why I was hired or promoted to a new position in the first place. My employer believes that I am fit for the job and that my work ethic can take the organization far. They have more experience than I do so I must trust their judgment, take a deep breath, and not be afraid to take up space.

If you are taking on a new leadership role this semester, don’t let your insecurities get to you. It’s good to feel a little nervous because that means you care about the quality of your work. However, there is no reason for you to panic and freeze when faced with these new responsibilities you have been granted. Trust your instincts, ask for advice from your own supervisors, and you will do just fine.

You belong exactly where you are. Stop doubting yourself and go kick ass.


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Ariane is a junior at Boston University pursuing a dual degree in Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Public Relations. She loves exploring coffee shops and hanging out at the Harbor. When she's not writing and editing for Her Campus, Ariane talks about women's achievements on her radio show "Ladies of History."
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