This Is the Only Way We Can Save the Environment

We humans have become horrendously comfortable with destroying our planet. Even more unfortunate is that everybody knows this. We all know how bad our actions are for the planet that gives us everything, and yet nothing and nobody changes.

What we need is not more ad campaigns about organic snacks, or metal straws stuck into plastic cups. We, everyday people, don’t really have that much power to change things – at least in our normal lives.

It’s very nice that you want to turn your water off while you brush your teeth, and it’s very stoic that you try to not eat red meat every sixth Monday when you feel like it. I’m sure that feels nice, and I’m sure you saved the planet.

So why is it that we care, but we definitely don’t?

And how can we all be so angry, but not even attempt to fix the issue?

And how does anyone focus on anything else?

Yes, you’re right. We don’t have to deal with it, our great-great-grandkids will. Nothing terrible will happen to us. Not wildfires, not rising sea levels, not extinction, no, nothing like that will happen anytime soon, surely. It couldn’t, because we don’t want it to. Photo by Markus Spiske from Unsplash

It's a strange world when the things trying to draw attention to the cause, get more attention than the cause. It’s confusing when we demote the planet on which we live to a resource to take and not give back. And those that bandage up the purposeful mistakes of those with green in their eyes are seen as delusional, leftists, crazies, young, and radiant with naiveté.

We Don't Have Time Markus Spiske- Unsplash Here’s the secret: caring for the environment is the opposite of political. It's tactical and literal and breathtakingly bipartisan. Saving the planet is, uniquely, an unpolitical issue that can chiefly be solved through politics. What we need is strong regulations on companies that pollute our air and soil every day. Please read that again if you don’t quite have it down. It’s not trendy, it’s not glimmery, it’s not poetic or showoff-able. If anything is going to change, it’ll most likely happen via old men in suits with stale coffee breath negotiating in buildings with the intent of getting reelected one more time before their retirement party. That’s the fact of the matter. There’s no sense wasting energy trying to change it. Sorry.

Back to the issue at hand. If you needed a reminder, the entire planet is crumbling and burning and being killed before our sympathetic eyes. Emphasis on "being killed," because the planet isn't dying on its own. It's waiting for us to take action.


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