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Need to catch someone’s attention? You’ve clicked on the right article.

So here’s my situation: there’s this guy who sits in front of me in one of my classes. We make awkward eye contact all the time and we wave to each other on the street. But here’s the thing: we’ve never talked, and I see him everywhere: the dining hall, Commonwealth Avenue, and in class. It’s finals season, and I’ve decided it’s time to change my situation.

My new plan: tomorrow in class I’m going to drop a pencil. If all goes as planned, he should A) pick it up and hand it to me B) turn around and smile and C) say hello.

Now, there are many ways this plan could backfire. For example, someone else could pick up the pencil instead of him. The pencil could go flying through the air instead of just dropping on the ground. He could pick it up and be nice and I could blank and just stare and say nothing. Or, he could not show up to class. These are all hypothetical situations, and I’m sure something else entirely will happen that I couldn’t have even imagined.​

Which pencil do I drop? Or should it be a pen? Should the pencil have a conversation-starting slogan? What about the slogan Hi, let’s be friends or is that too weird? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t even be able to order a pencil that said that in time anyway. 

Come back next week to see how the new “bend and snap” worked out!


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