New Artist Alert: Gazeng Drops Two Sensational Singles

There is always time to fulfill your dreams—even under the course load of work Boston University bombards us with. 20-year-old singer and songwriter who goes by the name Gazeng, proved this to be true once he released two incredible singles while attending Boston University. He is a junior from Las Vegas, Nevada majoring in the Questrom School of Business. While completing his CORE coursework (a very demanding and full-time project which lasts a semester), he also happened to kick-start his music career with the songs Indicator and Chasin’ (Dreams). However, as it’s been said, some kids don’t even have the time to breathe during CORE. This is an incredible feat, so I decided to ask him just how he did it.

What inspired you to start songwriting and singing?

“Me and my friends from high school, we used to go on drives and just freestyle or start beats in the car, and that was my introduction to that whole world. And then I got to college and it wasn’t actually until I was having a jam session with my friend, Paolo, and a couple other people, and it was Paolo [Moreno] who told me, ‘I think you should do something with this.’ And I decided… you know what, I think you’re right.”

Gazeng gets inspired by friends and artists alike. He pulls inspiration from Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Mob, Lord Flacko, and Joey Bada$$. These artists, according to him, are all producing music that is sometimes unconventional and very unique—which is something he hopes to emulate. Additionally, he looks up to other young ambitious artists and the Black Eyed Peas (who have in fact returned with a different style of music). From watching YouTube videos, such as Viceland’s music documentaries, he finds a lot of creative influence. Other than exploring YouTube in his free time, he mentioned, “I like to explore music, I always find myself trying to find new music and really low-key artists. So much that I actually find myself adding more songs than I can actually listen to. Other than that chill with my friends, socialize, and think about my next step forward.”

It’s essential to surround yourself with people who push you towards your greatest potential. Birds with the same feather flock together. Gazeng’s good friend, Paolo Moreno, is another student at Boston University who happened to pursue what some may think is impossible at our age. He started his own clothing line, Antidote X, and recently had a fashion show at Bijou, one of the most notorious clubs in Boston. As Gazeng’s friend, Paolo, says, “impossible is a state of mind.” Work for your wildest desires and the universe will bring it to you. It’s all a matter of “just doing it” according to Gazeng.

What advice can you give to other college students or other people in the industry?

“Just do it. I know it’s as corny as it is, and everyone says it, but there’s a reason why Nike’s slogan is "just do it." Because out of all the things in the world, if you really want to do something, you’ll make time for it. You should really try to think of the goals and priorities you have in your life, compare it to the things you’re doing now, and see if whether the things you’re focusing your attention to are actually important. Some people find music is a good hobby for them and it allows them to convey their shit and that’s good. Just don’t be afraid to try new things—just go for it. There’s always a lot of resources out there for people to help you out too.”

As college students, we’re at the time of our lives where we’re on the pursuit for self-discovery and the hunt for success, or maybe just happiness for that matter. The message we can take from Gazeng is that life is defined, not by the thoughts you have running within your mind, but by the actions you take. “Who am I, who am I but a lonesome guy trying to make it in life,” Gazeng sings in his song “Indicator.” Gazeng’s music is classified as Hip-Hop/Rap and when I asked him how he would personally describe it, here’s his take:

How would you describe your music?

“That’s a tough question to answer just because I feel, in a way, [that] I’m also still discovering it and I’m really trying to make sure that whatever I make is authentic to me. I want to make sure it’s synonymous with my essence and the message I’m trying to put out. Right now, and with the music I want to make, for sure I’d describe it as spacy and futuristic yet emotional, and I want to be able to evoke this inspiring message. I want to inspire others to do more in the world, and I don’t know how to quantify that into words yet. I’m still figuring that out.”

The newest artist to emerge from our very own campus is creating songs at a professional level. Gazeng’s songs have sensational beats tied with relatable lyrics for students nationwide. Undoubtedly, they’ll make walks with headphones down Commonwealth Ave much more enjoyable. Lucky enough for people studying abroad in Australia next semester, Gazeng will be too, and he's confirmed he will be performing there live.


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