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As we wait for our Spotify Wrapped, I have been reflecting on the music that has come out this year. I know for me personally, it has been hard to keep track of all of the new music that has been released. These are my top five favorite albums from this year, and the music that truly got me through 2021. 

Sour by Olivia Rodrigo

I know this is going to be one of my more basic choices (I love pop music so if you were expecting anything else, I am so sorry to disappoint). However, this album really put me through the wringer emotionally. I have never cried harder to a song in the shower than favorite crime or enough for you. This album has a wide variety of genres and styles of music. Olivia includes some pop-rock songs and emotional ballads that truly contributed to the music industry in a different way. The fact that she is only 18 years old and can write such deep songs is truly amazing and so impressive. 

Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish

I am a hardcore Billie Eilish fan (only three months until I see her in concert, and I am so excited). I was a little nervous when this album was released because I loved her previous album, so I was not sure what direction she was going to take with this new album. However, I definitely was not surprised at all. I would say this album is definitely experimental, as we can see with songs like Oxytocin and Happier than Ever. She leans into a more alternative and rock style with a lot of her songs but also has some classic emotional Billie Eilish songs. I really love the new style that Billie took with this album.

Planet Her by Doja Cat

If you have not listened to this album, please stop what you are doing and listen to it right now. If you need something that is going to hype you up and make you feel better I could not recommend a better album. Doja is also very raw and emotional with this album as well, which I really love. Her collaborations with Ariana Grande and The Weeknd were also incredible. Alongside this, her performances on each of these songs are all amazing since she is such a dynamic artist.

Lately I feel EVERYTHING by Willow

Willow is such a talented artist, and if you like alternative music or pop-alternative music I would definitely recommend listening to her! Her voice has such a depth of emotion and it is so raw. It makes me feel things that no other artist can, and I love how multidimensional all of her songs sound. My favorites from the album are “Gaslight” and “naïve” because they truly encapsulate the powerful emotions of the artist very well. Her previous album was also very good, and probably one of my all-time favorite albums.

Still Over it by Summer Walker

This album was recently released and I have been listening to it nonstop. I truly loved her previous album, so I was so excited to listen to this one. This album covers so many topics from her relationship to the birth of her child, and we get a really deep look into her life. Her voice has truly evolved and I personally think she has such a unique tone. Her lyrics are amazing, and I loved this album a lot!

All of this music truly has gotten me through this year, and I have loved all the new releases. It will be interesting to see how these artists evolve and what new music is going to be released in the new year. I hope this list gave you some new music, and if you like these albums then I really like your music taste!

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Alice is a Boston University sophomore studying political science and environmental analysis and policy. She is passionate about politics, music, and fashion.
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