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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

I’ve never been the kind of person who can study at home. If I’m anywhere within a hundred-yard vicinity of my bed, the chances of me getting anything done are slim-to-none; I just want to sleep.

Since being in Boston, I’ve explored many different places to study and examined them critically. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites (so far), though I’m sure I still have many cool spots to visit in the future.

Boston Public Library – Central Library 

If you know Boston, you know the public library in Back Bay. The iconic lion statues, murals, and green lamps are a big tourist attraction.

Besides being on every traveler’s must-see list, the public library is also a great place to study. Something about the old-school ambiance and being surrounded by people doing all kinds of work is inspiring. I always do my best work here (also, there’s a Dunkin right across the street).

Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Personally, I love to study where there’s actual human activity. Whether it be at a coffee shop with a low hum of conversation or a busy library where people are searching the shelves, the sounds are a must for productivity.

That’s why Trident is the perfect spot. Half the people sitting at their cafe tables are transfixed by their computers and the other half are there to talk while grabbing breakfast, coffee, or lunch with a friend.

Nestled right next to the Hynes Convention Center stop on the green line, Trident is conveniently located. The bookstore and cafe has all-day breakfast, as well as an amazing selection of books, trinkets, and greeting cards. As an added bonus, I love to reward myself with a little shopping after I finish my to-do list. 

Boston University’s Center for Computing & Data Sciences

This study spot is a little different than the rest on this list. I tend to prefer libraries and coffee shops over anywhere STEM-related.

However, the fifth floor of BU’s Center for Computing & Data Sciences has floor-to-ceiling windows that let in lots of light, and there’s no shopping or fresh coffee in sight (though there is a Saxby’s on the first floor), which means I’m not tempted to spend all my money on overpriced lattes while I grind. 

Life Alive Café

Life Alive is an organic, plant-based cafe with locations around Boston, including one on BU’s campus. While I am totally someone who can demolish a cheeseburger, I love their food, coffee, and smoothies.

I also like studying at Life Alive because of its pleasant vibes. It’s very colorful and bright, and the comfy seating has a bohemian feel. The only problem is that sometimes the seating is a little too comfy, as I have fallen asleep once or twice while doing some especially gruesome stats problems.

Caffè Nero: the Fenway Location

I went to this specific Caffè Nero for the first time just the other day, but it was so good it immediately earned a spot on my top five list.

I went on a Wednesday at around 2 p.m. I expected it to be super busy and loud, as many other coffee shops would be at that time, but it was surprisingly tranquil and quiet.

I like that there’s a room with nice booths for sitting and studying that is separate from where you order your coffee. It also definitely helps that Caffè Nero’s pastries can’t be beat.

As we dive further into what is, arguably, the most stressful point of the semester, I hope these five study spots help you stay afloat.

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Lauren Jordanich is a sophomore at Boston University studying English. She is a biweekly contributing writer for Her Campus and most enjoys writing lifestyle pieces, specifically about both mental health and fashion. Lauren is a transfer student who has previously written for Gen-Z online publication, Trill Mag. She is also currently a contributor to editorial lifestyle magazine, The BU Buzz. Lauren's hobbies include shopping, reading sappy romance novels, going out with friends, and listening to true crime podcasts. As a Midwesterner, her favorite place in the world is Lake Michigan and she loves tailgating and fall football games.