My Mom Worked My Entire Life—Now She’s My Role Model 

Many people idolize their parents growing up. As you get older, you start to realize that your parents are actually real people, which I think is a very strange feeling for everyone. As I got older my opinions of my parents definitely changed, but they are still my role models. This article is all about my mom, but yes Dad, I’m talking to you too. Growing up, my mom always worked full time. This meant that my dad stayed home with my brother and me so she could do this. When I was little I, of course, wished that she was home more, but as I’ve gotten older I now realize it was one of the best things she did for me. My mom works harder than anyone I know and loves just as fiercely. 

Photo Credit: Matt De Laney 

Full-time jobs make life busy for everyone – there is no denying it. Now add motherhood to that and it’s amazing to me that anyone can do both. My mom working full-time had a larger impact on me than I think she even realized it would. Of course, she worked out of necessity, but the impact it had on me extends far more than anything monetary or superficial. I learned a sense of work ethic and determination from my mom that I think would have been harder to learn had I been in a different situation. My mom demonstrated to me that it is possible to be a supportive member of a family unit and fulfill all motherly duties while working full-time. She attended every sporting competition and event that she could and was always there for me.

Photo Credit: Matt De Laney

Something that I’ve learned over the past few years is the importance of having a positive female role model in my life. It took me a while to realize I got the best one. Happy Birthday, Mom!


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