My Impromptu Trip to Maine and Why You Should Go Too

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a little weekend trip with my family to Maine. I was 100% down because I knew fall foliage would be absolutely perfect in what people call “Adventureland.”

I’m glad I trusted my gut because getting to walk down the streets and admire the color-changing trees was the perfect break I needed from midterms. It was also super easy to take a bus from Boston — the bus from South Station takes you to a bunch of different stops in Maine, so you can do all the exploring you want.

Image Credit: Sonja Caballero

My weekend trip was the perfect excuse for wearing fall outfits. It was probably about ten degrees colder than Boston, so I brought my scarves and bundled up for the weather. It was honestly very nice to be able to wear my fall layers and be comfy.

My jacket here is from Primark, captured in front of some signature Maine bears. It’s no secret that Maine is known for lobsters, moose, and bears. They love to advertise it at all the major tourist spots.  It was really fun to get to explore Maine things.

Image Credit: Sonja Caballero

If that wasn’t enough, where we went in Maine had a Krispy Kreme, which I was so excited to go to. Krispy Kreme donuts are actually the best (sorry Dunkin’ Donuts). We got a dozen and they’re practically all gone, whoops. 

Image Credit: Sonja Caballero

My quiet weekend in nature was perfect and rejuvenating. I spent time exploring, taking in the scenery, and of course, eating. I’m lucky to be in New England where every state has something amazing to offer. If you’re ever looking for a spot to take a perfect fall-winter trip, check out Maine. A perfect outdoors adventure, Maine will cure your city slump.


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