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My Honest Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy’s Midseason 16 Finale

If you have stuck around for the past 15 full seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, you definitely understand the love, hate, and rollercoaster of emotions that go along with watching the show. While this is admittedly my favorite show of all time, I do not know a single person, including myself, who has not been frustrated with it at some point or another. There is this common saying in medicine, “if you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.” Well, Grey’s Anatomy loves to give the zebras, in both the medical and the personal aspects of the show. This can get a little frustrating, but I love it nonetheless. To anyone else who loves, and hates to love, Grey’s Anatomy, here’s my take on season 16 so far. 

Meredith started to get SUPER annoying 

I have always found that Meredith can be a divisive character. In some seasons, I love her, and in others, she is, to say the least, less than my favorite.

This season, she really started to get on my nerves. I think it is totally on brand for Meredith to do what she did about the child without insurance. After that, she must have completely lost all sense of self-preservation. It just seems like Meredith goes out of her way to make life more difficult for herself, whether it is skipping court dates or not listening to those in charge of her community service. Not only was it annoying, but it felt completely unrealistic that she still got to keep her medical license in the end, despite all that she had done.  

DeLuca deserves better 

Along the same lines, DeLuca seems to be way more invested in his relationship with Meredith than she is, which kind of broke my heart. Poor DeLuca just keeps trying to do the best for everyone and yet he is never quite treated the way he should be. At the end of this half-season, DeLuca decides he and Meredith need to take a break. When he explains that she doesn’t see him as her equal, the other attendings brush this off because he is not her equal from a professional standpoint. Yet, I still feel like she disrespects him in their personal lives as well. Maybe I’m just sick of this power dynamic storyline, but I wish DeLuca could find some love that was a little less complicated, especially after his family drama and spotty relationship history—not to mention the fact that he almost got killed by Karev.

Jo’s mental health was handled beautifully

Jo’s struggle with mental illness was admittedly difficult to watch at times. From lashing out at her friends to showing up to work drunk, Jo needed some serious help to move on from the traumatic memories of her mother. My favorite part of how her struggles with mental illness was that she sought out professional, inpatient help. I loved that despite how much Alex and her friends were there for her, the show depicted that sometimes people need more help than their friends can offer. Up until this point, any use of therapy in the show has been inconsistent at best with an underlying message of, “You need your friends to help you out of the hard situations.” While this may be partially true, with all the trauma these characters have experienced, I am happy that the show is making attempts to destigmatize mental illness through Jo’s character. 

I am not ready for the drama surrounding Amelia’s baby

The drama never stops for Amelia. At the end of the last episode, it is revealed that Amelia is about a month further into her pregnancy than she thought. Her questioning makes me think that Link isn’t actually the father. I really hope that’s not the case because let me tell you, I’m super over Owen. Ever since his divorce from Cristina so many seasons ago, I haven’t been the biggest fan of him and when Amelia got together with Link, I was so excited for her to be done with Owen. During the short time that Link has been on the show, I’ve grown quite fond of him and I’m not ready for all the drama surrounding this baby. 

I sometimes get super frustrated with the show, but I just keep coming back. Grey’s is a rollercoaster of emotions that I simply never want to end. 


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