My Healthy Grocery List Picks

Ever since I started living on my own, grocery shopping has become ever more important in my life. I really enjoy exploring markets and picking up products by reading the ingredients, finding out healthy foods to cook at home, and discovering new tastes. For a long time now, I have been very conscious about what I put into my body so I try to always keep my fridge full of healthy whole foods and seasonal products. From my own experiences, what I’ve found is that eating real, whole foods and avoiding processed, packaged foods have made me feel the most energized. I wanted to share my ultimate healthy grocery haul with you guys to give all of you some idea for your next grocery visit! 

For grocery shopping, I usually go for Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s (much cheaper-not always organic but definitely budget-friendly), Star Market, Eataly, and Roche Bois. I also really enjoy buying from local vendors and farmers markets if I happen to find one around. Even though I switch between such markets, my healthy lists never change.

1. Lots of veggies and fruits!

The more variety, the better. I try to fill up my fridge with produces of every color, as they all have different vitamins and health benefits. For me, the ultimate list would always include tomatoes, red-white-green onions, garlic, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, parsley, spinach, kale, arugula, celery, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflowers, potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, ginger, and avocados. Don’t forget to add fresh herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, bay leaves to enhance the flavor of your meals! For fruits, my favorites are fresh berries, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, red-green apples, melon, pineapple, and mango. 

In order to easily prepare my meals, I sometimes buy the pre-cut produces. Markets usually have packages of pre-washed mixed greens which makes it much easier to prepare a salad. I also buy zucchini noodles, diced onions, diced mushrooms etc. to prepare everything I want just in a couple of minutes. This is the essential part of a healthy grocery haul. Not only are they packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals but all these wonders of nature are delicious and filling!

2. Nut milk

I have never had a desire for regular milk, so I always go for almond, coconut and cashew milk. I like their tastes better and usually have my coffee with them. Nut milk is a great protein source, but I try to prefer the unsweetened ones as they include less sugar depending on the brand. 

3. Lots of lemon and lime! 

Every morning, I start my day with lemon infused water, it’s one of the best things for detoxifying the body, digestion and skin health. They are great sources of vitamin C; I am obsessed with lemons and limes because I can actually add them to every water and tea I drink.  

4. Poultry, meat, and fish

Even though I am not the biggest meat lover, I am not a vegetarian or vegan either. I don’t consume meat every day, but when I do, I go for the highest quality. I always buy free-range boneless chicken breast and turkey breast because they are so versatile and easy to prepare. For fish, my favorites are wild caught salmon and sea bass. I also usually buy ground beef or turkey. When it comes to red meat, I know they can be quite expensive, but I usually go for the grass-fed ones. With all animal protein, I avoid anything with added chemicals, additives or antibiotics.

5. Healthy whole grains

My favorites are quinoa, brown rice, and wild rice. You can cook them in advance and store in the fridge for a couple of days to add to your meals instantly, they are perfect for meal prep. I always add steel cut oats to my grocery lists, I love making warm oatmeal porridge topped with fruits, nuts and almond butter for the mornings. Whole grains are also a really good source of fiber.

6. Frozen produce

I believe that frozen produce is a life saver! Markets usually sell frozen fruits like berries, pre-cut bananas, pineapple, cherries, mango etc. which makes it so easier to add them to smoothies whenever I want. My fridge is always full of mixed frozen fruits. Sometimes I defrost them, heat in a pan, add chia and let it sit for one night to make some healthy jam. I also always buy frozen baby spinach and kale for my smoothies. There are also mixed vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers that are usually already cut and ready for cooking. Frozen produce usually tend to be cheaper than the fresh ones. Also, they last much longer and make your meal prepping much easier. 

7. Eggs and dairy

I don’t eat a ton of dairy, but I go through a lot of eggs in my house. I usually buy cage-free eggs. They are my ultimate source of protein since I don’t cook meat all the time. For cheese, my favorites are feta, goat, Parmigiana Reggiano, mozzarella, and halloumi. I love yogurt, so I always buy whole-milk organic yogurt, also go for the non-dairy ones like coconut yogurt to consume with fruits and granola.

Aside from these essential elements of my list, I always make sure to get these products when I run out of them: chia seeds, ground flax seeds, hemp seeds. They are great sources for omega-3s; I also add them to my smoothies, put them on fruits and oatmeal bowls in the morning. Dried apricots, dates, unsalted nuts, and granola are my ultimate snacks, sometimes I carry them around. Cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil because I always cook with olive oil and use coconut oil for my skin. Unsweetened coconut water, lots of sparkling water, herbal teas as I make sure to drink plenty of water every day, but I also consume a lot of these for my mineral intake and their health benefits are amazing!

I hope this list has given you some ideas on a healthy grocery haul. I always believe that even though we could work out a lot, what makes us healthy is the food we consume. Today’s world is full of industrial, refined, packaged goods that would harm us in the long run. Our health is a treasure; taking good care of yourself can start with consuming more of what nature provides, and less of what the industry produces. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions and it's important to pick foods that you feel are the best for you!




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