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My First Brazilian Wax Experience

There were many reasons I decided to get a Brazilian wax: these included the difficulty of shaving in a communal shower, having to shave daily, and the terrible ingrown hairs that come with that. Despite these factors, I was still pretty scared to get waxed. I have never been waxed professionally before, and I only once waxed my own legs which was interesting, to say the least. On a whim, I decided I should try it out, and worst case if I didn’t like it I would never have to do it again. Spoiler, I loved it.

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During Thanksgiving break, I booked an appointment at a small waxing spa near me. Before the appointment, I researched do’s and don’ts of your first Brazilian wax. These included not working out before or after, not touching the waxed area or showering for a few hours, and ALWAYS wearing cotton. These tips were helpful but didn’t exactly prepare me for the waxing experience I was about to have.

Upon arrival, I was ushered into a sterile white room and asked to undress, and yes it was as uncomfortable as that sounds. I felt like I was at the gynecologist and even while there I feel awkward undressing. The lady waxing me was friendly and made me feel comfortable by asking if I had any questions or concerns. After answering that I had no questions she went right to work, not even stating that she was beginning. Although I didn’t love this preparation (or lack thereof), I was surprised by how painless the first strips were.

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The salon I went to used hard wax. This means they melt small balls of wax and use a tongue suppressor to glide it onto your legs. This wax felt much better than the soft wax and strips I had used on myself prior. The hard wax felt painless on my legs, I didn’t even feel a pinch. After seeing my relaxed demeanor, the wax specialist warned that it would increase in pain as we go, which was anything but comforting. The wax specialist was, of course, correct and it sure did get more painful. Thankfully I have a decent pain tolerance and did not find any part of the waxing to be unbearable. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it went by (around twenty minutes), and before I knew it I was dressed and ready to leave.

Credit: wax-in-the-city

The upcoming days were full of slight bruising and redness, it looked as if I had a rash (I was not told this would happen) but this is apparently very normal. Once the redness settled, it was nice to be free of hair and be smooth. Do I think the pain was worth it? Yes. As someone who struggled with needing to shave constantly, I believe I made a good decision getting waxed. On the other hand, I would not recommend this to anyone that has sensitive skin or a low pain tolerance. I would also recommend getting another body part waxed before committing to the Brazilian.


Overall, I had a great experience with my Brazilian wax, but remember this isn’t for everyone and having hair down there is more than okay! 


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Taylor is a freshman at BU with a dual degree in International Relations and Journalism. She loves vegan food, writing poetry and art museums.
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