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My Final Year of College Ever

Since high school, I’ve been told that senior year of college will be the best time of my life.  The only thing I have to be concerned about is getting over my hangover before my next party and waking up before noon.  However, this past year has been nothing like that. I had this expectation that professors would cut me some slack when it came to school work, and showing up to class would become less of a concern. However, my anxiety has been at an all-time high.  

I overloaded my classes to ensure I meet all of my requirements before graduation in May and going out on the weekends has died down since freshman year.  Don’t get me wrong, as the semester starts to wind down and I find myself ahead of my homework I go out in Fenway or the Financial District to let loose. However, partying doesn’t fit into my schedule anymore because I’m drowning in school work most of the time. Occasionally I’ll ignore my responsibilities and partake in weekly senior events like going to TITS on Thursday nights. Not always the best decision though because I wake up hungover with a mountain of school work to do.

Although I’m not going out as much as I had anticipated, and school work is consuming my life, senior year has been the best year of college for me. I feel confident in my career choice and I’ve made so many more friends. Senior year is really a bonding year between all of the seniors. Some people who I never really talked to before are now some of my greatest friends. There’s a unification of the seniors, especially with your same major, that makes you appreciate being at college. As much as my friends and I have talked about how excited we are to graduate, this past year has made us really appreciate the experiences we’ve had at school.  

It’s the little things we took advantage of like quick meals at the GSU, walking five minutes to class, going to T Anthony’s for mozzarella stick pizza, Marathon Monday, and spending nights on Lansdowne Street.  We’re never going to have this again and it’s sad to think that the next time I visit BU I’ll be an alumnus. If I was to give advice to future BU seniors it would be to embrace the city because almost everything is discounted for students and it’s such an amazing city to live in that you might not have the opportunity to enjoy like this again.  

I wish I could redo senior year to take advantage of the city more because going to school in the heart of Boston, only blocks away from Fenway, is pretty special.  I had an amazing senior year and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I made awesome friends and had a blast celebrating my final months in college. It’s a bittersweet feeling to graduate, but my time at BU needs to come to an end and I’m excited to see where I go and where all of my classmates and friends go as well.  BU has prepared us for our professional careers and it’s time we move on and see what awesomeness this world has in store for us.


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I am a senior studying broadcast journalism at Boston University
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