My Chameleon Playlist for Any Mood You're In

First off, let me explain what a chameleon playlist is because I have a feeling that no one knows. Pretty much it’s a playlist that you can listen to in any mood. If you are happy it can make you feel like you are on top of the world and if you are sad it can give you that cry that you need to let out, and honestly everything in between.

^ Even that mood ft. a real(ly cute) chameleon

To give some credit where it is definitely due, my roommate/bestie/twin flame coined the term chameleon playlist and has graciously allowed me to write about it, now that I use it as well. She is one of my main musical influences and I am so grateful for that; she introduced me to Maggie Rogers (which is how we became friends) and Lena Fine (actually one of her friends), two of my now favorite artists.

On my chameleon playlist, I have a few artists that show up a lot, like Maggie Rogers, Adam Melchor, Clairo, and Lena Fine, all of whom I will be talking about today. 

Photo Credit: Meme

While it does include so many other artists, these artists and their songs can really make me feel so many different emotions in three minutes (more or less).  

  1. First up is Maggie Rogers, a “witchy feminist Rock star.” While she may be one of the more “well-known” artists out of the ones that I include in this, she still has less than 500,000 followers on Spotify. However, she did sell out Radio City Music Hall a few weeks ago. I would describe her music as a combination of rock, pop, and a little folk. Besides having the voice of an angel, Maggie invokes feelings from her music that are hard to capture through words. Like a few weeks ago, I went to her concert in Boston and cried about five times – I think that may explain it better. Personally, my favorite songs by her are “Back In My Body” and “Overnight." They just speak to me like no other. Honestly, I think I could write all day about how Maggie Rogers' music has impacted me as a person and my life, so I will move on.

  2. Next up is Adam Melchor, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Adam Melchor’s music makes me feel very nostalgic, especially his newest song “Joyride.” Listening to “Joyride” makes me feel like I’m driving down a road in the summer with all of the windows rolled down, whereas my other favorite song by him, “The Archer,” also makes me nostalgic but in a different way. It makes me think of a time of sorrow that turned to happiness. I have been dying to see Adam Melchor in concert and when he announced that he was opening for Dodie I was ecstatic, but sadly all of the Boston tickets were already sold out. Currently, I am patiently waiting for him to (finally) go on his own tour. But in the meantime, his songs are pretty much the perfect mix of happiness and sadness that you need for a chameleon playlist.

  3. 3. Clairo

    I would describe listening to Clairo like sitting on a cloud. A weird analogy I know, but that’s how it makes me feel. Her voice is so light and soft and makes me feel the same. With her newly released album, her popularity is only growing. Her lyrics are thought out so wonderfully, and the music makes the lyrics sound upbeat, but if you really listen this is usually not the case. My favorite songs of hers that are also on my chameleon playlist are “Bubble Gum” and “4EVER.” “Bubble Gum” really speaks to me and is actually one of my all-time favorite songs. I just bought tickets to see Clairo in Boston this November and I am already counting down the days!

  4. If you ever look up the definition of a golden goddess, I’m pretty sure what comes up is Lena Fine. I was only recently introduced to Lena’s music but now it has become something that I listen to on the daily. Lena’s voice is so strong yet so soft at the same time; it’s truly indescribable. My favorite songs by Lena are “Baby Blue Eyes,” “Pity," and "Honey Bee,” which are all included on her newest album, Growing Pains. But if I’m honest I could listen to all of her music for hours on end, so picking only a few favorites is beyond difficult. Lena is like Adam Melchor in the way that her songs also make me nostalgic. Many of her songs make me feel like I am right back to a specific time in my life, especially “Graduating” and “Sweet Like Honey.” Lena is another artist that I think I could just write good things about for ages. But I will end it with the fact Lena should definitely be included on your chameleon playlist, and every other playlist you have as well.

To end off this article (pretty much me just pushing my favorite artists onto you), here's my chameleon playlist as well as my friend Erin’s (who inspired me). You should check them out and create your own too!


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