My 5 Favorite Parts of Fall

I think experiencing all the seasons is the most magical part of living in Boston. That might just be due to the fact that I had never seen a spot of snow until three years ago, but it is a pretty spectacular thing that I know all Bostonians enjoy. And while the weather isn’t quite at its full fall potential, I’d like to reminisce about my favorite parts of fall to prepare us for all the autumnal antics we can get up to.

  1. 1. It's time to bundle up!

    The colder it gets, the more acceptable it is to dress as cozy as possible. I’m talking thick, comfy sweaters, beanies, and fuzzy socks for any time of the day. While some ‘fits may look and feel like dressed-up jammies, everyone will be dressed for comfort, leaving the streets a judgment-free zone. So get out your favorite turtle neck and prepare your boots to combat the cold months with your warmer wear.

  2. 2. There are so many fall activities to take part in.

    Although every season has its specific festivities, it’s safe to say that fall has the type of wholesome fun that makes you want to be a kid again. You can find a buffet of these autumnal activities at any apple farm you can find. From loading up a basket of apples and finding your pumpkin true love amongst a patch to getting lost in a maze with friends and getting out of the city for a while, heading to a farm for your fall fix will satisfy your yearning for seasonal enjoyment.

  3. 3. Enjoying cozy nights in. 

    While fall provides a good excuse to enjoy doing more time off-campus and away from the city, it also gives us the occasional excuse to do fun things inside. On extra cold nights, you and your besties could find yourself baking up a storm, having a DIY sip and paint night, binging the latest season of your favorite tv show, or a little mixture of all of the above. You don’t always have to go out and do the most for memories that will mean the most.

  4. 4. Eating all of the seasonal foods!

    Calling all Pumpkin Spice babes of the world: our time has come. While we do have to pay tribute to Starbucks for popularizing the seasonal flavors, there are a plethora of brands and food stores that are killing the game. Pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls, caramel apple chocolate, and pumpkin pie ice cream are among the long, ever-expanding list of fall flavors this season. Head to your favorite grocery store to see what will fit your fancy.

  5. 5. Basking in the upcoming holiday season.

    Arguably, the best part about fall is that it is the beginning of the holiday season. One after another, the celebrations of the “-ber” months are approaching, giving us some well-deserved fun between weeks of school and work. As we get closer to Halloween, we’ll begin to see the first of three different decorative themes around us. Plus, it gives us another excuse to treat ourselves with festive decor for our homes.

While we are still in the early stages of fall, it’s never too early to enjoy the seasonal benefits. Get yourself out to an apple farm or pick out your Halloween costume: bask in the greatness of this time.


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