Music is a Universal Language

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of music. I’ve always been an avid music listener, but something about it lately seems to make every action, every encounter, every experience better. Music fills the void, music is motivation, and music is an inspiration. Music helps me push through the final moments of a workout, gives me confidence when I feel unsteady, and connects me to everyone—from the people that I love to absolute strangers.

Recently, music has had a more powerful impact on me than ever. Things have not been easy with the pandemic, especially at this point in time. It feels as if things are getting better, but also they aren’t. The vaccine is out, but so many people don’t have access to it. The winter is brutal, unmotivating, and uninspiring. Without the ability to really go out and hang out with friends, it can feel pretty lonely. I think this is one of the most isolating parts of the pandemic thus far; the cold combined with the regulations just hasn't been easy for anyone. Yet, in music, I’ve found a friend. I’ve found a voice to listen to when things seem bleak, I’ve found relatability, stories, and excitement. Music tells a story—with its notes, its lyrics, its instruments, and its vocals. 

record player Photo by Victrola Record Players from Unsplash

In terms of music, one of my absolute favorite pastimes is listening to old songs and envisioning living in the periods during which they were made. I find it so interesting that you can listen to a particular song and it can just, in a second, transport you to a particular time. I think that's one of the most beautiful parts of music—the stunning, riveting, all encompassing, and powerful wave of nostalgia that it can give—more than anything else. 

albums Photo by Natalie Cardona from Unsplash In all honesty, I think I have more memories associated with music than even photos or videos. Music has incredible powers: it narrates our lives if we let it. Not to mention, a shared musical experience or musical taste can say so much about a person or a relationship. Music can start a friendship, a romantic relationship, and even bond two absolute strangers.

Music is a universal language, and lately, it has been my therapy. I recommend giving it a listen—your favorite genre or kind—if you haven't in awhile. You might just find something in it to remind you that life is still worth living.

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