MoviePass: What It Is and Why You Need It

MoviePass. It’s something that more and more people, especially college students around campus, seem to be getting nowadays. If you’ve been hearing the hype lately about MoviePass and want to know more, keep reading for all the details about this up-and-coming monthly subscription service.

MoviePass is the number one movie subscription service in the country according to their website, and for a good reason. Once you subscribe to MoviePass, you can see any movie at most major theaters across the country for free. The subscription costs $9.95 and you get up to one free movie per day. This means that you could go to only one movie a month, which we all know can cost well over ten dollars, and this subscription is already worth it.

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Over 91% of theatres in the country are available on MoviePass’s network, including the Regal Cinema in Fenway which is right next to Boston University’s campus!

To get MoviePass, download the app on iTunes for Apple phones and the Google Play Store for Android phones. Once you subscribe and pay the $9.95 you will be sent a MoviePass card in the mail that works essentially like a debit card. When you get this card, you can go to any MoviePass affiliate theatre and pick which movie and movie time you want to see on your app.

You have to be at the theatre in order to do this, so for movies that might sell out quickly it is smart to arrive early, or even the morning of the movie to get the tickets and return later.

Once you select the ticket you want on the app, MoviePass will send your new debit card the exact amount needed to buy the ticket. Then, you proceed as normal at the theatre’s register and buy the tickets with your now loaded MoviePass debit card.

Like with every new service and company out there, there are a few drawbacks to MoviePass. Like mentioned earlier, you have to be on site to purchase the tickets, and when considering you have to go to the theatre to see the movie anyway isn’t actually that much of a hassle. Also, special format movies like IMAX movies and 3D movies are not included in the monthly fee. But when considering how cheap MoviePass is, these things can definitely be overlooked.

MoviePass is catching on, and it’s actually a really great way to save money if you love movies but hate shelling out twenty dollars or more for a night at the movies. For college students who don’t have a ton of expendable income, this is a smart way to still go out and do something fun with friends without breaking the bank.


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