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Minimal, but Gorgeous Beauty Essentials For Your Spring Break Vacation

By Masha Komissarova

Are you going home over spring break? Do you want to take everything, or nothing? I’ll show you what I’m packing beauty wise and hopefully, this will clear things up for you.

I’m going home to Moscow, Russia, to see my family and I’m super excited. I have two essays due when I come back and I want to get ahead of my Spanish work, so most of my space in my suitcase will be taken by up by textbooks. I’m only going for six days, so I’m bringing just the essentials.

Here’s what I’m packing for my daily morning skincare routine:

  • La Mer Cleansing Gel: Yes, I know this is an extremely expensive product, but I can say, it is amazing! A little pump foams and covers your whole face. It smells so garden fresh! I have combination skin and this is my favorite face wash that I have ever tried. I highly, highly recommend saving up for this one.

  • Witch Hazel Rose Toner: I decided to only splurge on one of my skin care products and keep everything else in the “normal” price range. I love this toner! It has a rosy smell that refreshes my faces perfectly.

  • Missha Essence Sun Milk: I love this essence! I use it always, even if there’s no sun. It’s perfect for combination skin. I love that it dries very fast and moisturizes my skin.

  • Deodorant: I also decided to splurge on this one because last time I bought two deodorants at CVS, and they broke. I opened them and the top of the deodorant just fell off. So, from that moment on, I decided to buy quality products, especially when it came to an essential.

Here’s what I’m packing for makeup: 

  • Cicapair Base: I love, love, love this! I naturally have very dark circles under my eyes and all other concealers crease. This product is green, but it blends to your skin color. Also, this product gives amazing moisture, which is just what I need going to Russia. It’s like a lotion that covers up all blemishes.

  • Brow Gel: If I don’t have enough time to color my brows with Anastasia Brow Wiz, I’ll use a brow gel instead. My brows are naturally full, so it’s quick and easy.

  • French Kiss by Caudalie: This is one of my favorite products. It adds a perfect natural color without making it obvious you have lipstick on.

  • NARS Concealer: Of course we all need this one! It’s great for any pimples or redness.

  • Chloé Rollerball: I don’t go anywhere without perfume. This mini perfume is perfect for traveling. It smells divine and is not too overwhelming.

That is it! I’ll usually pack some masks too, but these are my skincare and makeup essentials. I hope I’ve inspired you not to over pack and to sometimes invest in quality products rather than buying whatever is on sale.

Much love, good luck on your exams, and enjoy spring break! We've all earned it!


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