Meet Zoe Hawryluk: A Fabulous HCBU Campus Correspondent

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Zoe Hawryluk, one of our badass, super awesome, and fearless leader!

I sat down with Zoe at the George Sherman Union so my fellow Her Campus members and all our readers can learn more about one of our amazing campus correspondents.

Before joining, Zoe had read Her Campus articles in the past, but she really got interested when she saw that flashy pink table at Splash, the activity fair at Boston University. Her Campus knew how to draw people to their table -- free stuff! So, yeah, the free stuff caught Zoe’s eye. She applied and was accepted on the writer’s team her freshman year. Zoe expressed her love for writing and thought Her Campus would be a great way to get involved on campus and meet other people. Another reason Zoe was so interested in joining the Her Campus organization was that she thought it was cool that other people could see the pieces she wrote! And it’s true. I completely agree that it feels amazing to have people read my weekly articles and even compliment my writing.

Talking about her beginnings on Her Campus led us to talking about her current position as one of the Campus Correspondent. Although it’s really stressful, requiring a ton of time and effort, Zoe absolutely loves it and anyone on the Her Campus team can agree that she is amazing, hardworking, and extremely passionate about what she does. Zoe is also ambitious and puts 100% into everything she does. She exclaimed that she’s “weirdly loyal to everything, but Her Campus really paid off and gave back.”

Zoe really puts everything into Her Campus. When she didn’t get a position in another student-run organization, she knew she was meant to focus on Her Campus, and that’s exactly what she has been doing. “This is my thing,” Zoe said after talking about all the great things this organization has done for her. “It provides you with a really close-knit group of friends, like sisters, without the greek life.”

In regards to the actual work that Her Campus puts out, Zoe talked about how you can quantify your success. You’re able to say your article is in print, your post got “x” number of views on social media, or “x” amount of people attended an event you created. This all helps to build a resume, even if you aren’t in College of Communications here at BU. Zoe said, “I wish people knew Her Campus wasn’t just for COM students.” I, personally, am a student in Sargent College, so I completely agree with Zoe on this one. Anyone can join Her Campus, teach others, influence others, and express themselves. The brand we are adhering to is simply empowering other people. “Just don’t be an asshole,” and you can be part of this incredible team.

As a Campus Correspondent, Zoe works to help people however possible. It’s more than just volunteering. Zoe went on to explain how even though a lot of time is put towards the organization, it is emotionally fulfilling and she really loves every aspect, even the nasty parts. Over Thanksgiving Break, Zoe and a few other E-board members collaborated to solve a problem and everyone felt validated after. “This is a women’s empowerment organization, so it felt really good to have that support, which is rare to experience at this age. There is no better time than right now to be empowering and lift each other up, even though it can be very difficult sometimes.”

I typed notes and different quotes during my conversation with Zoe, and I think the following quotes really sum up the conversation and definitely give an idea as to what kind of person Zoe is:

“I feel like a proud mom all the time seeing these girls succeed.”

“If you are on our team, you will only grow.”

“I just find myself filled with joy and gratitude.”

“I am so ridiculously grateful for everything Her Campus has done for me.”

Zoe is an incredibly kind, loving, hardworking, and amazing friend and leader. She is going to London next semester for study abroad, and even though she is nervous because she has never been out of the country before, we know that Zoe will do great things and will have an amazing time. We will miss you next semester, Zoe! Keep being amazing, girl! <3


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