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Meet Your Next Favorite YouTuber—Graham Stephan

As someone who has always been interested in fiscal responsibility, I’m always on the lookout for great financial content on YouTube. I recently discovered Graham Stephan’s channel, and he has some of the best finance-related videos I’ve ever seen. For the most part, YouTubers who make videos about financial topics have very dull content. It’s usually full of terms that most people don’t understand and it makes the videos pretty hard to follow.

Photo Credit: Graham Stephan via YouTube

Graham Stephan makes financial videos that are informative and engaging, even for people who aren’t necessarily interested in personal financing. He has a mix of both educational and entertainment videos about finance on his channel. You can learn a lot from his content, and it also helps that he’s hilarious. He makes a lot of informative videos on credit cards, real estate, frugality, investments, retirement, debt and how to increase your savings. I love that he’s able to make dense finance topics simple to understand. 

​Photo Credit: Graham Stephan via YouTube

While Graham mainly produces educational videos on basic financial topics, he also makes hilarious videos in which he reacts to CNBC’s Millennial Money series. These videos run through the monthly expenses of millennials, who typically have ridiculous spending habits. Since Graham is the epitome of frugal, it is definitely entertaining to watch him react and cringe at their expenses. 

Graham also takes phone calls from viewers and he goes through their current financial situation and gives them advice on how to improve themselves and achieve financial freedom. The callers usually have very interesting financial situations, and listening to Graham’s feedback makes for some great entertainment. 

​Photo Credit: Graham Stephan via YouTube

A key aspect of Graham’s videos is his focus on frugality. Graham is (probably) the most frugal person in the world and he frequently gives money-saving tips. He makes his own iced coffee (which costs about 20 cents). He does his laundry at off-peak electrical hours to save money. He essentially lives in his duplex rent-free.

There’s a lot to learn from Graham’s money-saving habits. Even if you aren’t the type of person who is interested in personal finance, Graham Stephan makes great video content and you should definitely add him to your radar. 


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