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Meet Sonja Caballero: BU’s One and Only Razor Scooter Ambassador

Sonja Caballero is a sophomore in the College of Communication studying journalism. In her free time she writes for Her Campus and is BU’s only Razor Scooter ambassador!


How did you become a student ambassador? (How does it all work?)

“I’ve been interested in doing some sort of student ambassador for a company ever since I got to BU. I applied for a lot of positions last year as a freshman, but they never seemed to work out. Over the summer I got an email about the Razor Student Ambassador program and I felt really good about it. I applied and was given the position after a few interviews with the marketing company that was managing the program!”


What even is a student ambassador? Is it a lot of work?

“Student ambassadors basically endorse a product or service in a college setting, usually through social media. The products are typically things that are popular among college students or have the potential to be. I’m not gonna lie, you have to keep up with it, so it’s a good amount of work. It takes a lot of creativity to showcase products, but that’s also what makes it so fun.”

What is your favorite part of being an ambassador?

“I think my favorite part is getting to connect with other students over the Razor scooters. It was an awesome way to meet new people and I loved getting to hear that people actually bought scooters and used them on campus. It was also really cool to be the expert about a product and get to answer questions.”  


Do you think this will advance your career? Do you think you’ll be a student ambassador again?

“This opportunity was really unique because I’m a journalism major, but I’m looking at marketing and PR in a new light now. I worked really closely with a marketing agency for the Razor position and it was an amazing experience. I’m really hoping I can be a student ambassador again to see how much of an interest I have in this possible career path. “


What are the “perks” of being a Razor Scooter ambassador?

“The perks of being a Razor Scooter Ambassador are definitely getting scooters to show off and being the face of Razor. When I was doing tabling to advertise the product, I got to wear a Razor T-Shirt so that made it feel really official. Also, getting to talk to people about the product was really rewarding.”

Last but not least, what is your favorite Razor Scooter product and do you scoot to school on it?

“I’m super conflicted because I was given the chance to ride the Razor EPrime Electric Scooter these past couple weeks and it’s so cool, but I still love the traditional kick scooters too. The electric ones are definitely more efficient and I use it to get across campus in about 15 minutes. The kick scooter will always have a place in my heart though.”


Next time you see Sonja scootin’ around campus, give her a shout and definitely compliment her scooter!


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