Meet Sarah Ju (COM ’22) — Her Campus BU’s Co-Events Director

As a member of Her Campus BU, you are required to attend three events per semester. This sounds like a daunting task, but not when there is at least one event per to attend every week. And, hey, just because something is required, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. As co-events directors, Sarah Ju and Ivy Fan literally make it their job to show the HC girl gang a good time.


How did you become a member of E-Board and start the event's chair?

“I joined Her Campus as a freshman in the fall semester. Originally, I started out on the PR team as a PR ambassador, since I’m a Public Relations major. On that team, I worked on the sexual health and sexual assault awareness campaign. At the end of the fall semester, the Campus Correspondents (Zoe and Margot) put out applications for CC intern and I applied to that. I interviewed with them, and ultimately didn’t get the position, but they ended up offering me the position as co-events director, which I gladly accepted.”


What events did you two put on this semester?

Ivy and I put on a lot of new and different events this semester. We planned both shopping parties at Madewell on Newbury Street. There were a lot of food fundraisers, so you can escape from the dining hall and eat at Blaze, Chipotle, or Love Art Udon and fulfill an events requirement! We also had educational events such as resume workshops, study break parties, and bullet journal workshops. Other events included GSU dinners, holiday parties, and speed dating.


How easy or difficult were they to organize?

Some are definitely easier than others. Food fundraisers are usually pretty easy because you sign up online and they just approve you. Others were a bit harder. For example, the study break party involves a lot of organization of people bringing food and different activities. Collaborating with other businesses and stores like Madewell is easy depending on the communication between you and the representative and how fast they get back to you.


The spread at the Madewell shopping party!


How do you two come up with all the different event ideas?

A lot of the events are based on events that I wished we had last semester. I thought teaming up with businesses and brands that people actually know of would get members excited to go. But a lot of inspiration actually comes from the members themselves. At our first meeting of the semester, we handed out flashcards to get intel of what they want to do.


What’s the most rewarding part of being in Her Campus?

The most rewarding part of being a co-events director is being able to bring different people together who would not have met otherwise. Since different teams meet in different locations, it’s difficult to get to know everyone. Seeing how excited some of the members get about certain events, having a large turnout, and knowing people enjoyed them is extremely rewarding.


What can we expect next semester?

Next semester, you can expect more events where the chapter is able to get off campus and explore Boston. I’ll definitely be brainstorming over the summer in order to ensure the best possible time for all of our members!


I’ve been lucky enough to call Sarah one of my best friends for almost a decade now. Over the years, we cycled through countless after-school activities, from set painting to portfolio club to costume design. Although she excelled at all of them, I’ve never seen her more passionate and dedicated than as a member of Her Campus BU. And I can ensure you, next semester will be better than ever.


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