Meet Sam Lurie (COM '22)—Her Campus BU’s New Campus Correspondent

The first thing that walks into the room is her long, fluffy brown hair; the next is herself. Sam Lurie is an advertising major (COM ‘22) minoring in psychology at Boston University. She's 19, and from a suburb 45 minutes outside of New York City. The first word that comes to mind when speaking of Sam is relentless. To be a Her Campus Correspondent isn’t an easy job, but she's the perfect one to do it. She works 10 to 15 hours a week on Her Campus alone, not including her homework and other extracurricular activities. She has done programs at The New York Times, interned at Penguin Random House Publishing Company, and has an editorial internship lined up for this summer. She’s a go-getter and totally has a fighter spirit.

Credit: Sam Lurie

How did you become Campus Correspondent for Her Campus BU?

“I kinda applied on a whim. I’ve been going to all the Her Campus events and found Her Campus to be my home. I was on the PR Team, and I think part of the reason why I was chosen [was] because of my different experiences. I do have some journalism experience, but I do bring other things to the table like creative marketing within writing and business. I highlighted these in my application. I felt really appreciated within Her Campus, and I wanted to give back in a way, [because] they’ve given me a home here in Boston. I’m not used to living in a city.”

You’ve held a lot of internships so far and you’re only a freshman; how did you do it?

“I made a LinkedIn. I don’t really know how I got started. I take a lot of pride in my experiences and I feel like I’ve had a lot of good ones, which has made my resumé very strong because I have a lot to say. In high school, I worked on things that I was passionate about. I was very passionate about volunteering at the Humane Society and bringing therapy animals into the school, so I started a club for that. I also started a mental health campaign called “Tea Club.” We all sat around on Fridays drinking tea and had events to educate people on mental health. Other than that, I bounced around other activities including the business club, the school newspaper, and fencing. 

However, things weren't always so easy as I was out of high school sick during my junior year. I had a build [up] of spinal fluid pressure in the brain that mimicked a tumor. They didn’t really figure it out until August before my senior year, so I didn’t know if I was coming to college. I really worked my butt off to achieve my dream of coming to BU! I ran those clubs and taught myself the school material I was missing at home.”

Credit: Sam Lurie

What are your plans as our chapter’s next Campus Correspondent?

“Our chapter goes above and beyond already! One of the things I’m really excited about is potentially adding a news team. I’m focusing on building our [Her Campus] community at BU since we’re already so established on a national level. I hope to have our writers' team and PR team more connected as well.”

You can find Sam on Instagram (@sluriee) if you want to keep up with her!


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