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Meet Megan Forsythe—How a West Coast Girl Turned into a Boston Enthusiast

Megan Forsythe – a journalism and political science major, Kappa Alpha Theta sister, and a Pad Thai enthusiast!

There are so many names and faces of Her Campus at Boston University and it is so hard to get to know them all! But I was lucky enough to meet Megan at the beginning of our sophomore fall semester at one of our HC meetings and I am enthralled to be writing about her this week!

Megan grew up in Orange County, California with her parents, one younger brother, and a newly adopted rescue dog named Katie. For Megan, Orange County felt very small and conservative, and without much experience of different weather patterns, she knew she wanted to change coasts for college since she was young. Before committing to BU, Megan envisioned “Boston as a change of pace with a different culture, atmosphere, and more ideas.”

BU had been Megan’s dream school for a while and she was thrilled when she got accepted! Uniquely, she hasn’t changed her major once! She has been a journalism and political science major with the hopes of entering the field of investigative journalism from the very start of her BU career. She has always been interested in reading the paper, she even specifically recalled memories of her dad reading Wall Street Journal articles to her as a child. “I wanted to be a part of the news, not just read it,” Megan said when I asked her when she knew she wanted to be a journalist.

Megan believes that “[journalists] educate and inform people and make a difference that way” and that is a huge reason why she wants to be a journalist after college. She is specifically hoping to land her dream job working for The New York Times — “that’s the big dream!”

Around campus, Megan not only writes for Her Campus, but she is also a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta. But she also loves getting off campus and seeing the greater Boston area. Her favorite thing to do when she isn’t studying is to get off campus and explore. She loves to take in everything Boston has to offer and to see new streets and buildings she hasn’t seen before! She especially loves to post on Instagram all the beautiful sights of Boston. “My Instagram is almost all Boston architecture!”

Her goal for this year is to start getting involved in Boston outside of BU more. When asked about being comfortable away from home she said, “Boston feels like home to me and it always has since I first got here!” Her freshman year solidified how much she truly loved Boston. She had a job that got her off campus, met her best friend, and got to travel to Europe! Last year she went back to California for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year she stayed through Thanksgiving and is planning on traveling for spring break instead of going home.

Megan definitely took advantage of all the opportunities BU has to offer and even met some amazing people who are studying abroad here in Boston. She is hoping to go to Ireland for spring break with her friend who is Irish and she loves getting to see so many new countries because of her connections here in Boston. Megan realizes how fortunate she is to be traveling and making so many wonderful memories. “Traveling is definitely something I never imagined I would be doing but it just happened to work out really well.”

To end our conversation, I asked Megan what advice she would give to her freshman self and her answer was extremely optimistic: “My freshman year was amazing, and I am lucky to have had such an amazing experience, but sophomore year is so much better. There’s a lot of good things on the horizon and it will all fall into place!”


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Delanie is a senior at Boston University who loves Pavement's iced tea and the Charles River. She has a passion for writing and is on an adventure to find the best coffee shop in Boston. 
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