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Meet Grace Wong, A Producer for BUTV10’s Shadows

When I first came to Boston University, it was hard to adjust and meet people in such a large city school, especially those who were passionate about the same things as me. I decided to join BUTV10, and when it came time to choose a show to work on, I was instantly drawn to Shadows, one of the network’s longest-running shows. It presented itself as a mix between The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, which are both equally genius in their own ways. Also, it was one of the only shows that had actual narrative production shoots, which I was looking for more experience with. Little did I know that I would make such an amazing group of friends on this show, including producers Alison Wright and Grace Wong, who are both juniors studying Film and Television. I chatted with Grace to give everyone the rundown of what makes Shadows so worthwhile.

Photo Credit: Grace Wong

Q: First of all, give me the elevator pitch for Shadows.

A: Shadows is a narrative horror and thriller anthology show at BUTV10, which is Boston University’s student-run media production company.

Q: How and when did you get involved with the show?

A: I got involved in Fall 2018 as a sophomore transfer student. Coming into BU, I had heard so many positive things about BUTV10 and as an aspiring filmmaker, I wanted to use it as a space where I could express my creative energy.

Q: What’s been the best part about joining Shadows?

A: The best part has by far been meeting and connecting with people who are just as passionate about film as you are. Collaborating in such a passionate environment helps fuel creativity!

Photo Credit: Grace Wong

Q: How has producing Shadows aided you in your education and career here at BU?

A: Being a producer has taught me a lot about teamwork and leadership. Being in such an industrial city means that you see and experience a lot of things you wouldn’t in a rural or suburban setting. I think my experiences at BUTV10 have helped fueled the necessary skills needed to work in this type of setting.

Q: Why should people join Shadows

A: Shadows is a place for people who want hands-on experience in filmmaking. There are several concept-based courses that don’t offer students the space to learn things first-hand, but Shadows does just that. If students want to learn how to write their own scripts, we have that space for them. If students want to learn how to sound mix or operate the camera, we have that space for them. It’s really everything you want meshed together.

If you’re at all interested in film production, scary stories, and good times, join BUTV10’s Shadows! I promise we don’t bite.


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Sannah is a freshman at BU studying Film + TV in the College of Communication. Most of her writing is inspired by her interests in film, fashion, and activism. Other than that, you can find her working at coffee shops, watching (and rewatching) random films, and quoting Taylor Swift lyrics.
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