Meet Audrey Duffy, Boston's Newest Content Creator

Audrey Duffy is a freshman at Boston University and a writer for HCBU. She has a large variety of interests that revolve around expressing her creativity through different mediums. Whether this be cooking or taking the perfect picture, she can do it all. Here's what you need to know about Audrey! 


Where are you from?

“I am from Laguna Beach California! I live five minutes from the beach and it’s a pretty small community. There’s actually a TV show based off where I live called Laguna Beach, it was even filmed at my high school.”

Credit: Audrey Duffy 


What do you miss most about being home?

“I miss home a lot. My family, the beach and making my own food.”


What things do you like to cook? Do you like dining hall food?

“I make a lot of acai bowls and avocado toast. I don’t really love the dining hall food.”


What is your major? How do you like your classes so far?

“I am undecided in COM, but I am guessing I will be majoring in advertising and PR. And I want a minor in business or econ. I am even taking macroeconomic right now. My classes are okay, I wouldn’t say they are amazing.”


How did you find and join Her Campus?

“When I was looking at colleges I had come across Her Campus articles online. Then I came across it at Splash, a fair for clubs. I have had previous experience with personal blogs that made me more interested in it. I even had a few blogs of my own.”


What articles do you prefer to write about?

“Definitely a lot of fashion or beauty based ones, whether this is a list of my favorite beauty products or finding cheap alternatives to other products.”


What kind of content do you create?

“Mostly photos that go on my Instagram. India, my friend, and I are even thinking of creating a YouTube channel together.”

Credit: Audrey Duffy 


What kind of content do you intend on putting out on your YouTube channel?

“Hoping to do beauty favorites and fashion videos. I am also interested in making videos about Boston University and being in college, I find those very helpful.”


What are some of your hobbies?

“Photography, taking and editing photos. I don’t know if it is a hobby but spin class is my favorite thing in the world. In my free time, one of the things I enjoy the most is working with kids with disabilities”

Credit: Audrey Duffy 


Who would you say inspires you most to create content?

“Other content creators. It started in sixth grade with my friend introducing me to her YouTube channel and me helping her make videos. It’s like going down a rabbit hole, once you see other people’s blogs you want to make your own, it’s same with Instagram and photography.”


What content and creators do you follow?

“I watch the Vogue channel on YouTube where they make documentary series that focus on content creators, such as start-up companies and vogue editors that show the process of creating content and finding success. These show all the different paths you can go and it’s really inspirational to watch them.”


What is your dream job?

“I have a few, one of them would be to create my own brand of beauty products, like Glossier. I would also think it would be really cool to work in social media and design for a company like Vogue or Instagram.”

Credit: Audrey Duffy 


How would you describe yourself in three adjectives?

“Persistent, outgoing, motivated.”


These adjectives describe her perfectly. Keep on the lookout for more content from Audrey, whether it's her Her Campus articles or emerging YouTube channel. Make sure to follow Audrey’s Instagram that is filled with aesthetically pleasing photos of her day to day life!


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