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Written by Kirthana Iyer

Spring is finally here! Going outside without a jacket on has got to be one of the best feelings in the world because you can see the sun and feel it. You actually feel happy after all the trashy weather we have been having. But that feeling stops when you enter the hallowed halls of Mugar Library. The place where most of us will be living for the next couple weeks (finals season, am I right?) Woo.

So let’s look at some relatable things in Mugar:

1. Finding a table for your group and fending off any people who come near it.

This has got to be one of the hardest tasks in the library. For some reason, everyone and their mother goes to the library just when I need to go and cry about how I don’t know anything. So, when I find a table for a study group I guard it with MY LIFE. If this isn’t relatable, I can’t imagine what is.

2. Headphones are a must.

If you don’t have headphones in Mugar, you are truly behind. These are essential to keep you from stressing out by hearing other people stress out. Instead of feeling the nerves of someone next to you, you could be listening to something that’ll make you forget that your own nerves are acting up. Yay. Great. I love avoiding reality.

3. The third floor is where you beg your friends for that last minute lesson on a test.

The third floor is my go-to place when I know that there is an exam I know less than nothing about. I make all my friends come and we study together to avoid the fact that none of us are ready for the exam. If you like a little white noise while you’re studying, the third floor is a good place because you will constantly hear people trying to whisper and ask questions.

4. Snack breaks at the GSU save lives.

When the nerves start getting really rough at around hour 6 in the library, it is time to go to the GSU and refuel. Sometimes a little snack break can make a world of difference because while you are still struggling, all around the GSU you will see other people taking snack breaks so they don’t die.

5. Coffee saves lives.

If this one isn’t relatable, you don’t go to BU. Coffee will actually get you through the day when you need it. It might be rough at times and that lil cup of joe or chai will make it worth it. Coffee = love of your life at hour 11 in the library.

6. When you realize that there are more empty tables than filled ones, call it a night.

That’s when you know you have been there too long. If you see an abundance of empty tables, you need to take a step back and rethink your life. You have been in the library way too long and, at this point, studying isn’t helping you, it’s just stressing you out. Take a second, listen to some music, don’t look at your book, and regroup. No matter how much you stress, sitting in Mugar isn’t going to help if your brain is fried.

7. Realizing that there is more work than you are capable of doing.

This was a mood during my during midterms week. You realize you have way more to read than you thought you did, a paper due that you forgot about, and laundry that you haven’t done in a month. Mugar isn’t going to solve any of that, but it’s a good place to de-stress and realize that maybe you can finish one of those things.

8. Seeing a friend who’s in the same boat, and sitting with them hoping for the best tomorrow.

The best feeling ever. Seeing someone else going through the same hell as you makes your bond stronger and you guys can study together and have moments :’) You now have a shoulder to cry on at Mugar. The library has now officially become your home.

These are just a couple moments I’ve seen in the library, but I bet there are a bunch more. Hang in there! We are almost done, finals will be here before you know it, so catch you all in Mugar!


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