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Life Alive: A Healthy Starbucks?

Will Life Alive café steal Starbucks’ crown? Gaining massive popularity over a short period of time due to its super healthy foods and chic atmosphere; it’s the café all your friends have been talking about, but somehow, you've never gone.

Life Alive is a café all over Boston and Cambridge that has attracted a lot of recent attention. If you love eating out, but are also trying to chow down on some nutritious food, this place is for you! I mean it... seriously! I never knew healthy food could taste so good. As a firm lover of Starbucks, I can safely say this café is just like it, and might even be better than Starbucks! You can spend hours sitting on your laptop, doing your homework, and enjoying some incredibly delicious food that is also great for you.

I usually go to Life Alive on Saturday or Sunday for breakfast; it’s the best place to start your morning. Picture a place where Mother Nature would come to have breakfast – that’s how clean and spacious the café’s atmosphere is.

Here’s what I eat/have eaten there to give you some suggestions:

  • Breakfast: Golden Yogurt Bowl and a pot of green tea, or a breakfast burrito if you’re super hungry. But let me warn you, their burritos are huge! 

  • Lunch: Avocado Sol Burrito – so, so good!

  • Snack: Hummus bowl and their matcha latte after a good workout is a perfect combination of nutritious and tasty.

The only downside of this café is that it’s always packed. This Sunday I came in for breakfast at 9:20-ish and my two favorite tables by the window were already full! I highly recommend going to this café if you’re looking for some inspiration eat healthy while still enjoying your meal.


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