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Dear High School Friends,

It’s been a little bit since I’ve talked to some of you. Our text conversations stop after the “how’ve you been’s?” and our Snapchat streaks have started to die out. Our inside jokes mean nothing anymore, and we don’t call each other for updates. I don’t think of you as part of my life anymore, but it doesn’t mean you haven’t made an impact on my life. Without you, my high school friends, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Even the small things you have done for me have had everlasting effects that have led me to who I am now. Freshman year math class, you lent me a calculator during a big test, and I realized we were all on the same boat, on the same team. We were all just trying to get through high school together. Sophomore year, you helped me get over my first heartbreak, a boy who left me at the school dance. Junior year English class, you shared the snacks you snuck in because the class was at the end of the day. Senior year, we worked for hours into the night on our college essays, making plans of where we would end up together, how far we could go, how much fun we would have.

But now we are in different states, going to different places, and stressed, happy, sad, or mad, without each other. We’ve gotten busy while trying different things and meeting new people.

You’ve become stories to me, honestly. Stories of funny things that have happened in high school, of things that taught me pain, or of things that have made me laugh until I cried. I cannot even lie, many of my college friends know you for that one crazy thing you did in senior year.

They know about the time we snuck the bottle of wine from your parent’s cabinet and got caught, or the time on Halloween you fell out of the back of a pickup truck. We’ve made some good memories, high school friends. I promise they are more than a conversation starter to me.

Maybe we’ll see each other again when we all go back home. Maybe we’ll sit in the park till 3 am like we used to, playing new music we found and talking about how college has been treating us. Maybe we’ll grab lunch at the place we used to go after school all the time and realize how bad (but nostalgic) the food tastes. Maybe we’ll even go to a concert together, because we’ve wanted to do that all of senior year but we never had the time.

If I see you or if I don’t, just know the memories you have left me with are enough to last a lifetime. I’ve seen you grow up, just as you’ve seen me, and I know you’ll go to great places. I promise, high school friends, you will always have a shoulder to cry on and someone to support you, even if we never meet again.

Love always,



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Originally from Bay Area, California, Miranda is a sophomore at Boston University studying Public Relations and a minor in Visual Arts. In her free time, she loves skating with her synchronized skating team, going to the movie theater, or doing yoga.
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