A Letter to Anyone Starting Their Junior Year at BU

Summer has ended and another chapter of college has begun. It’s hard to believe my junior year is already here––where did the time go? I feel more focused and more in touch with myself than ever before, so that’s why for my first article back at HCBU, I want to write a letter to myself and anyone else out there to encourage positivity and growth for the new school year. 

Dear reader, 

Here we are! College baby. It’s been an interesting trek to get to this point, and definitely not what I had in mind three years ago. I feel like this year will be different. Not to be totally cliché, but I seriously feel like the universe is telling me that this is my year. I hope that I never take anything for granted this year.

I am getting closer to finishing my college career, which is a super accomplished feeling. Between gen-eds and my major courses, I have garnered so much knowledge. I hope that I can appreciate all of this new information I have gained, and then use it to further explore my passions. 

The people I am surrounded by this year are truly amazing. Finding friends is not easy, but there is no better feeling than knowing that the people you do have in your life are people that truly care about you. I hope for this year––and forever––that the people I love so dearly can blossom further and we can make beautiful memories together. 

My heart is telling me that I am doing everything I can to make this year as great as it can be. Sometimes, you have to push yourself through some difficult times to get to the brighter days. I feel like I am almost there, but it's also something that you can never fully achieve. 

Nothing in life is perfect, and college certainly is not exempt from that statement, but I know one day I will look back on these experiences and miss them dearly. I hope for myself, and for anyone reading this, that you and I both can try to find our happiness this year. 

You got this,



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