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Junior Year: Why I’m Thankful for the 15th Grade

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Every year, I have a lot to be thankful for around this time: the holiday season is approaching fast, Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, and the end of the semester (and finals) is in sight. Being a junior, though, I find that there are a few new things to be thankful for, specific to the 15th year of my educational experience. As I prepare to leave campus for the holiday break and take a quick hiatus from my life as a student, I’m reflecting on a few of the reasons I have to be thankful for the first half of my junior year.


1. Upperclassman Housing

After two years of roughing it in freshman housing (shout out to Rich Hall), I’ve finally graduated to apartment-style living. There are plenty of perks to living in upperclassman housing, from having my own room to having a kitchen (see number 4). I can’t say there’s a whole lot I miss about dorm life. So, this year, as my family and I go around the dinner table listing what we’re thankful for, I’ll be sure to pay homage to the apartment I call home.


2. Early Class Registration

Everyone who’s ever registered for classes knows that it can quickly become a cutthroat game of who can get a spot in that coveted class with the professor who got more than a 4-point rating on Rate My Professors. As an upperclassman, I finally got access to prime registration time slots, with the first pick of classes and better chances of not getting stuck with an 8 a.m. lecture (again). I’m thankful that for the first time in my college experience, I was actually able to get every class I wanted and avoid that last-minute scramble to find an alternate class when the one you planned to take is already booked.


3. My 21st Birthday

Depending on what time of year you were born, you may or may not celebrate your landmark “twenty-fun” birthday during junior year. But for those of you who do, you know that there’s a lot of anticipation leading up to the day that opens up the world of bars, mimosas at brunch, and Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joes. Personally, I’m thankful that only one short week after Thanksgiving, I’ll be celebrating my 21st—just in time for the holidays.


4. My Retirement from the Dining Hall

While the BU dining halls aren’t completely without their benefits—like the perk of being able to just put your dirty dishes on a conveyor belt on your way out the door—I can’t say I miss my days of relying on a dining plan. Having a kitchen allows me cook healthy meals, create my own personal menu every night, and eat my meals based on my own schedule–even if I don’t have time for dinner until 10 p.m. While I’m thankful for my own refrigerator and stove, I can’t say that I’m particularly grateful for the pile of dishes currently residing in my sink.


5. The Friendships I’ve Made

Above everything else I have to be thankful for this holiday season, I think the friends I’ve made over my past two and half years at BU definitely top the list. Between my sorority sisters, my roommates, and my best friend since freshman year, I’ve gained some incredible friendships throughout college, and continue to make new connections every day. Having some of your besties down the hall or only an elevator ride away is one of the reasons that college is arguably the best time of your life, and that’s definitely something to be grateful for as you’re chowing down on turkey and stuffing.


Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, there’s a lot to be thankful for during your college years. With that being said, though, I’m definitely giving thanks to the 15th grade and looking forward to what the rest of junior year has to offer.


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Lexa is a junior at Boston University, studying Journalism in the College of Communication. You can often find her sipping on an iced coffee and trying to take an artsy photo that fits her Instagram aesthetic. Lexa hopes she can someday combine her passions for fashion, art, dance, and writing into a career, but for now, she'll be strolling down Comm Ave trying to make #LifeasLexa a personal brand.
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