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Junior Year: Why I’m Not Letting the Stress of Finals Dull My Holiday Cheer

Every college student knows that the holiday season is unfortunately synonymous with finals season. As the holiday movie marathons begin, so do marathon study sessions. This year, with my last final of the semester not scheduled until December 19th, I’ll be making flashcards and wrapping up projects until just four days before Christmas Eve. With so much on my plate and not enough time to watch yuletide classics while munching on peppermint bark, it can feel like the whole holiday season is just passing me by. That’s why this year, I’m committed to getting into the holiday spirit, even if it means multi-tasking while enjoying the little things that December brings. Here are just a few of the ways I’m maximizing holiday cheer amidst the chaos of finals season.


1. Decorating Our Apartment with a College-Sized Christmas Tree

I’m lucky enough to have a roommate willing to transport a miniature Christmas tree from Chicago to Boston, just so that we could have a little extra holiday cheer for our common room. After adding a few ornaments and placing a festive stuffed animal underneath for added decor, it’s starting to feel like December in our apartment. Now, even if I’m studying or doing homework on the couch, I can just look up and be reminded of the holiday season.


2. Putting Up Some Festive Lights

When I was strolling through Target, looking at their recently stocked aisle of holiday decorations and gift-giving essentials, I saw a set of candy cane string lights on sale and took advantage of the opportunity to showcase my favorite treats of the holiday season. After hanging the red-glowing twinkle lights around my door frame, I finally feel like my room has the little holiday cheer it was missing.


3. Getting a Holiday-Inspired Manicure

Photo from Cosmopolitan

When I was home for Thanksgiving break, I took the time to pamper myself with a mani-pedi with my mom and opted for a festive holiday red. I’m always looking at my nails, whether I’m typing up a Her Campus article or taking notes in class. So, it’s nice to have that little reminder of the holidays, even if I’m wrapped up in finals and projects. It’s the little things, such as a holiday-inspired manicure, that can be a constant reminder of all the joy and warmth that this time of year brings.


4. Watching the Hallmark Channel 24/7

Photo from Hallmark Channel

For holiday movies filled with Christmas miracles, magical Santa Claus’, heart-warming love stories, and basically overloaded with holiday cheer from start to finish, look no further than the Hallmark Channel. With holiday movies on all-day, all season long, you never have to stray from holiday-themed content. The Hallmark Channel is also great background noise to keep your spirits up while cramming for finals in these last few weeks of the semester.


5. Baking Some Jolly Holiday Treats

Photo from Taste of Home

Personally, one of my favorite things about the holidays are the flavors– gingerbread, eggnog, peppermint–you name it, and I’m ready to put it in a latte. Take advantage of your kitchen or a friend’s to bake some festive holiday goodies, anything from gingerbread men to sugar cookie snowflakes. This way, you’ll have a nice midnight snack to keep the holiday cheer going even when you’re about to pull an all-nighter to study for a final.


Hopefully, you can “sleigh” all your finals this semester, and manage to celebrate the holidays in between study sessions and group project meetings. The break is almost here, and from freshmen to seniors, we could all use a break to reunite with family and enjoy the holiday season without the distraction of exams. Happy holidays and I’ll be back next semester to chronicle the second half of my junior year! Until then, xoxo, Lexa

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Lexa is a junior at Boston University, studying Journalism in the College of Communication. You can often find her sipping on an iced coffee and trying to take an artsy photo that fits her Instagram aesthetic. Lexa hopes she can someday combine her passions for fashion, art, dance, and writing into a career, but for now, she'll be strolling down Comm Ave trying to make #LifeasLexa a personal brand.
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