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It’s Alt Good With Melody You: A Look at BU’s Brightest Radio Personality

Melody You is a current sophomore in the College of Communications at BU, thinking about pursuing a focus in International Relations at the College of Arts and Sciences. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she is also one of the co-hosts behind It’s Alt-Good, a radio show for great alternative music and the latest in pop culture and entertainment news. Last year during her first semester of freshman year, when she interned for a music show called Whole Lotta Hoopla at WTBU, her friend and fellow intern, Morgan, reached out to her about starting their own radio show.


Q. When asked about how her show came into existence:

“We were fortunate enough to earn our own show during our second semester. We still currently run the show, and it has been the most incredible and rewarding experience being able to DJ music that we love, interviewing musicians and bands on the show, and spreading our passion for alternative music with our campus.”


Q. Favorite musician to have interviewed so far?

“At the beginning of the semester, we got to interview Matt Aglietti of this indie rock group called Lakemonster! It was really memorable because it was our first interview coming back into the school year, and Morgan and I thoroughly enjoy his music!”

Q. Important qualities to have in regards to hosting a radio show?

Be able to have fun with it, and not stress too much about how others might perceive you. I am still grasping the ropes of radio broadcasting, but I think one trait that has really helped me get over my fear of public speaking is my passion for the topics we speak about in our news segment, whether it has to do with pop culture or politics. Morgan and I try to find topics we think are interesting to speak about so that our conversations that are live on radio don’t sound too forced and dry. I also think it’s important to have confidence and to stay well-informed on current events so that you never run out of things to say when you’re on live broadcast, but much of my experience is really just faking it until I make it.”


Q. How to balance a radio show and academics — and overall time management:

“Fortunately, our radio show broadcasts every Thursday afternoon from 2-4 PM so it isn’t at an inconvenient time for me. I finish class early, so I have plenty of time to work on our show script and do some planning before we broadcast. After our show, I usually head over to Mugar Library or a coffee shop to study. It’s incredibly helpful that our radio show is run by me and my co-DJ, because we both like to plan ahead of time and keep each other on track when it comes to schoolwork and our radio show. I also like to keep an agenda on my laptop, so that I can stay up-to-date with upcoming events, assignments, and exams that I need to prepare for.”


Q. When asked about future plans and studying abroad:

“In the future, I really hope I can continue the show until I graduate, because I would love to see the gradual growth of our radio show from the start of my freshman year until the end of my college career. I was also just selected to be the In-Studio Director of WTBU for next year, and one of my goals is to learn everything I can about the equipment that we have in our new studio so that I can help train a tech team that can utilize the new studio technology, and plan more live studio performances with local bands and artists. I would also love to study abroad in London during my junior or senior year at BU because I think it would be such a fulfilling experience.”

Q. Congratulations on being selected for the In-Studio Director position! One piece of advice for Her Campus readers who might want to start their own radio show? “I think it’s important to differentiate yourself from the crowd by coming up with an original and creative radio show idea, and I would also advise to start a radio show with a friend or someone you think you are compatible to work with. It not only alleviates some stress from your shoulders but starting a show with someone you get along with or work well with also allows you to have more fun and enjoy yourself while working.”


Want to hear more content from Melody and It’s Alt Good? Keep up with her on Instagram and follow the show’s official account as well! Tune in every Thursday from 2-4 PM on WTBU radio (89.3 FM, 640 AM), or find them online at WTBURadio.org!


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